Where did I buy love nest and sexy underwear

Understand Ai Chao Fun Plate

Love Chao Fun Underwear is a well -known domestic erotic lingerie brand. Its products include beauty sexy underwear, sexy sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sexy underwear and so on.All products are guaranteed through careful design and strict quality control.

Purchase channel 1: Official flagship store

If you want to buy love -nest sexy underwear, you can go directly to the official flagship store or the official website. The official flagship stores are distributed in many cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc.There are also online sales on the official website.

Purchase channel two: e -commerce platform

In addition to official channels, you can also buy love nest sex underwear on some large e -commerce platforms, such as Taobao and JD.com.These platforms also have officially certified love nest and sexy underwear shops.However, when buying, you need to pay attention to whether it is a genuine shop.

How to choose a size

It is important to choose the right size when buying sexy underwear.It is recommended to choose the right size according to your actual situation to avoid too tight or too loose.You can view the brand’s size table for reference, and the size of different brands may be different.It should be noted that the material of sexuality is mostly elastic materials. If your size is between two sizes, you can choose a slightly larger size.

suitable occasion

Interest underwear is suitable for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, birthday celebration, etc., or spend romantic time with partners in the bedroom.It can also be used as a way to add interest and passion between husband and wife.However, you need to buy according to the actual situation to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and embarrassment.


After buying, you need to pay attention to the maintenance method of sexy underwear.You can usually use warm water hands, do not wash it with a washing machine.When cleaning, you can choose detergents specializing in sexy underwear to avoid damage to the material.And be careful not to use bleach or exposure to prevent deformation or fading.

design style

The design style of love nest and sexy underwear, including sexy, sweet, noble and other different styles, can choose according to your preferences.In addition, love nest sexy underwear is not only exclusive to women, but also male sex lingerie is also one of the brand’s characteristics.

Price factor

The price factors of sexy underwear are relatively complicated, involving factors such as fabric, design, brand.When buying, you need to choose according to your own budget and needs.However, it is recommended not to choose overweight underwear, which may have quality problems and affect the wearing experience.

Trial method

If you buy sexy underwear in a physical store, you can try it directly to buy the right style and size.When buying online, it is recommended to understand the brand of the brand first and choose the appropriate size for purchase.Although the baby may have some quality problems such as color difference or size problems, it can be solved by returning and exchanges.

Issues that need to be considered before buying

When buying sexy underwear, you need to consider your actual needs and body conditions, and then select the style and size.If it is the first time wearing a sexy underwear, you can choose some simple styles and gradually try a more sexy and bold design.


In short, you need to choose from your actual situation to buy sexy underwear. Don’t follow the trend or just look at the price.Choosing a good sexy underwear can make yourself more confident and beautiful, and you can also add romance and passion to yourself and your partner.

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