When sexy underwear real models are tried on

1. Preparation before starting

Interesting underwear is a special underwear. Its design and style are more gorgeous and more sexy than ordinary underwear, so you need to have enough preparations before the real model trial.

The first thing to do is to prepare all underwear to be tried in the locker room, and to classify it according to the type, style and size of the underwear to a place as neat as much as possible.Provide convenience for the size of the underwear and sorting.

2. Understand the characteristics of each underwear

Before trying on, you need to observe and understand each underwear that you want to try on.Including the details and style of the ergonomic principles, design inspiration, the quality of the material, and the style and style of the customer who purchase the underwear.This can better understand the effect of the underwear after putting on the underwear.

3. Details when trying penetration

Pay special attention to details when trying on, such as the hair on the hair to avoid inconvenience caused by covering underwear.At the same time, in order to avoid tearing or dirty underwear, you need to be careful during wearing underwear. Do not excessively force or barely put on a certain underwear.

4. Confirm the wear of each underwear

When a real model puts on each underwear, you need to confirm the dressing feeling of each underwear.Before confirming each underwear, let the models repeat, bend or sit, etc. to better understand the quality and comfort of the underwear.If the quality of the underwear is better, the ultimate effect will be better.

5. Take photos for each underwear

After confirming the quality, comfort, design and other issues of each underwear, you need to take photos on the model.It is necessary to ensure that each photo is as real as possible, and in different angles and scenes, the characteristics of the underwear can be reflected in order to facilitate subsequent process processing.

6. Edit and processing photos

After taking the photo, you need to be edited and processed later.In this process, you need to pay attention to maintaining the authenticity of the photo, but the color of the photo is also required to adjust the characteristics and style of underwear.When editing, it is necessary to ensure that the environmental background around the underwear and the model meets professional requirements.

7. Classification, description and pricing of underwear

After editing photos, it is necessary to classify and describe it to facilitate the reasonable grouping and classification display on the website.When pricing underwear, it is necessary to reasonably pricing according to the style, brand, materials, and design of the underwear to show its value.

8. Display and sell underwear

After these steps, sexual erotic lingerie and other types of sexy underwear can be sold on sale, which helps each underwear to potential customers perfectly.Whether on or in physical stores, there is always a underwear that can meet your needs.

In general, the real -life penetration of sexy underwear not only requires humanized layout and design, but also pays attention to details to ensure that the wear experience and effect of each underwear can be truly reflected, so that customers can buy high -quality underwearEssence

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