What sexy underwear is suitable for people to wear

What sexy underwear is suitable for people to wear

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the pursuit of quality of life and interesting life is also getting higher and higher.As a relatively special clothing, sexy underwear can increase sexy atmosphere, increase personal charm, and play an important role in emotional expression and sexual life.But for fat people, it may be difficult to choose a sexy underwear that suits them.Below I will analyze the characteristics of fat people, the style of sexy underwear, and fabric requirements, and guide the fat people to choose the sexy underwear that suits them.

Characteristic characteristics

The characteristics of fat people are mainly manifested in three aspects: chest, waist and hips.Most of the chests are plump or drooping, the waist is thick, and the hips are wide.This requires the selection of sexy underwear to take into account comfort and visual effects. It must not only improve self -confidence, but also cover up the shortcomings.Below I will explain in detail from two aspects: style and fabric.

Style selection

1. Choose the right bras

When chosen the bras, fat people should choose styles that can concentrate and cover the breasts. There are steel rings, beam edges, and gathering functions.

2. Choose the right bodywear underwear

Fat people can choose to shape and reduce fat -shaping underwear.Such as: beam socks, bodybuilding pants, etc., can have a weight loss effect, and at the same time increase sexy elements.

3. Choose the right sexual stockings

Conjusational socks can effectively modify the waist and buttocks. When choosing, pay attention to choosing high waist or thick style. You can tighten the waist fat and shape the perfect curve.

Fabric requirements

1. Comfortable performance is better

For fat people, comfortable performance is the primary consideration.Select the soft, comfortable, breathable sexy underwear to ensure the comfort and health of the wear.

2. Good stretch

Considering the characteristics of the fat people, the fabric is good for stretching, so that it can be more convincing and reduce the feeling of wearing discomfort.

3. Strong covering

For fat people, some inappropriate erotic underwear will expose some beautiful figure defects.Therefore, it is necessary to choose a strong and beautiful fabric to shape a beautiful figure.

4. Good visual effect

The sexy underwear chosen by fat people should not only pay attention to the comfort when wearing, but also increase the beauty and charm of the figure.Choosing fabrics with good visual effects, such as silk, lace and other materials, can enhance self -confidence and charm.


1. Try to try on when choosing

According to each person’s different body shape and body characteristics, choose the appropriate size and style.It is recommended to try to try it out when choosing a sexy underwear to avoid choosing the wrong size or style.

2. Don’t pursue the effect of too tightening

When choosing to shake underwear, people often choose too tight styles. They see changes in a short time, but it will have a certain impact on health, and often wearing will also have an impact on health.Therefore, it is very important to choose the right bodywear.

3. Don’t ignore the problem of sexy underwear hygiene

Interest underwear is not the same as other clothing. It takes a long time to wear and has contact with the private parts. You must pay attention to cleaning and disinfection.It is recommended to choose a good breathable underwear fabric to avoid breeding bacteria.

in conclusion

In general, choosing the right sexy underwear is very important for fat people.When selecting styles and fabrics, you should pay attention to comfort, visual effects and dressing feelings, and to wear and clean correctly, so as to exert the advantages of sexy underwear and add color and charm to personal life.

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