What kind of look is better to put in sex underwear


Sexy underwear is one of the essential items for modern women, which can enhance women’s confidence and show their sexy charm.For some consumers who want to buy sexy underwear, they often encounter a problem -which category should sex underwear be placed in?Below, we will explore this issue.

Is it better to put on underwear or adult products?

Regarding which category should be placed in sexy underwear, some e -commerce websites may have set categories for customers and put them under the two categories of "underwear" or "adult products".But in fact, these two categories are beneficial and disadvantaged.

Underwear destination advantages

Putting sex underwear under the "underwear" category can better attract some women who pay attention to wearing comfort and healthy.Because wearing erotic underwear is not just to meet the needs of sexual desire. More often, I hope to wear comfortable wearing, bringing myself more confident and better.If the sexy underwear is placed in the "underwear" category, it is easier to attract this type of female customers and make them feel that it is a professional and healthy shopping platform.

Disadvantages of underwear destinations

Putting sex underwear under the "underwear" category may appear some bad results.First of all, when people search for "underwear" keywords, they expect to see some simple, generous, simple and practical products. For sexy and colorful products such as sexy underwear, they may not be interested, or mistakenly believe that they are low -grade,Unparalleled products.In addition, because sexy underwear has a certain sexual hint and temptation, it may cause unnecessary controversy and taboos.

Adult products category advantages advantages

Putting sex underwear in the "adult supplies" category can better meet the needs of customers who want to buy sexy products and find sex toys.This type of group often dares to try and open it, and is more interested in sexy sexy underwear.Putting sex underwear under the category of "adult products" can also avoid misunderstandings and disputes to produce some other non -shopping factors between sellers and buyers.

The disadvantage of adult supplies category

Putting sex underwear on the "adult supplies" category also has shortcomings.First of all, the category of adult products itself has a certain pornographic, vulgar negative emotions and impressions. Such a category may cause moral concerns, resentment and taboos of certain groups, hindering the promotion and sales of products.Secondly, placing sexy underwear under the category of "adult products" may make many women feel uncomfortable and unnatural, and regard it as a sexual hint product, weaken the original charm and professionalism of sexy underwearThe reputation.

Other types of purpose selection

In addition to the categories of "underwear" and "adult products", there are some other categories that can be used to place sexy underwear.For example, you can consider putting sex underwear under the "women’s clothing" or "fashion" category, because sexy underwear is not only a sexy underwear, but also a fashionable and trendy clothing.You can also put sexy underwear under the "gift" category to improve its professional image and purchase experience.The choice of these categories should be determined based on their own product conditions.

Refer to the category settings of some well -known e -commerce companies

As a giant in the e -commerce industry, companies such as Alibaba and JD.com have set their own sexy lingerie.Alibaba sets the sexy underwear under its "1688" website to set the "sexy underwear" sub -category under the category of "Women’s underwear/Homewear" category.JD.com sets the "sexy underwear" sub -category under the category of "adult supplies".Different e -commerce companies have different settings, which shows that the choice of the category suitable for sex underwear also needs to be comprehensively considered according to factors such as the main projects of the e -commerce website, the user group and the company’s own image characteristics.


No matter which category is placed under the category, there are corresponding pros and cons.Choosing a category suitable for your own product characteristics can better let the target customers understand and buy sexy underwear, and improve sales and brand image.For consumers, choosing a reliable e -commerce website for purchases can also better understand more professional knowledge about sexy lingerie and satisfy their dual pursuits in their wear and emotional needs.


In short, the category of sexy underwear should be determined according to the positioning, product characteristics and customer needs of the merchant.Different category settings may bring different shopping experience and pricing expectations to consumers and merchants, but the ultimate key is the quality of the product, professionalism of services, and platform integrity of the platform.It is hoped that in the future business development, the relevant parties can accurately locate and classify sexy lingerie categories, so that this industry will become a healthy, professional and open shopping world.

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