What is the key word of sexy underwear Taobao


Taobao is a very popular online shopping platform that provides a variety of different types of products and services.Here, you can find a lot of sexy underwear, but how do you find what you want?This article will introduce you to Taobao keywords.

Funeral underwear basic keywords

These are the most common sexual lingerie keywords, including "sexy underwear", "sexy underwear", "adult underwear", "lace underwear", "stockings", "underwear" and so on.These keywords should be used by most sexy underwear merchants, so it should be one of the most conventional search keywords.


When you want to buy some specific styles or style of sexy underwear, these keywords may be useful: "sexy long sleeves", "suspender", "split T", "shoulder -free steel bracelet", "bow knot", "bow"wait.These keywords will help you find the styles and styles you want more accurately.

Keywords of size

Different erotic underwear brands are different in size, you need to determine your suitable size.Using keywords: "S", "M", "L", "XL", "XXL", "XXXL", "8", "10", "12", etc., in order to find the underwear that suits you more accuratelyEssence


If you want a sexy underwear with a specific color, these keywords you need to use: "black", "red", "white", "pink", "purple" and "blue" and other color keywords.


Interest underwear can be made from different materials, such as "lace", "cotton", "transparent", "polyester fiber", etc.If you are very concerned about the material, these keywords will be very useful.

Keywords of specific occasions

Are you looking for a sexy underwear to adapt to specific occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or party?Try these keywords: "Valentine’s Day", "Nightclub", "Sexy", "Daily", "Party", "Wedding", etc.

Brand keyword

If you are interested in the sexy underwear of a specific brand, you can search and use the brand name to get more information about it.Various brands such as "Calvin Klein", "Victoria’s Secret", "Aimer", etc., will bring you the sexy underwear experience that you look forward to.

Keywords of physical stores

If you are more willing to go shopping in physical stores, you can use these keywords to find nearby stores: "Fun underwear Store", "Adult Products Store", "Interesting Underwear Stores" and so on.This will help you find the physical store around you.

Review keywords

Finally, you can search and use keywords: "praise", "bad review", "evaluation" and other experiences of looking for other consumers.By understanding the experience of other consumers, you can help you choose sexy underwear you need to buy more accurately.

in conclusion

Taobao can provide a lot of information and products about sexy underwear.If you use the above keywords, it will be a useful guide to help you find the erotic underwear you want.

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