What is the feeling of opening crotch pants and sexy underwear


Interest underwear has become a must -have for modern women, injected new vitality and excitement into our sexual life.Among them, open crotch pants are a very popular style.So, how does this sexy underwear feel?Let me introduce it in detail.

What is open crotch pants and sexy underwear

Open crotch pants are the name of the name of the underwear, which is to open a mouth in the underwear part, making us more convenient when we wear, and at the same time to increase sexual interest.Most of this underwear style is based on sexy materials such as lace and mesh, and usually matches other decorations, such as bow and tassel.

What does it feel about when putting on open crotch pants and sexy underwear

After wearing open crotch pants, the first feeling is very comfortable and ventilated, especially in summer, you can avoid local sweating.At the same time, the way of opening the crotch pants is very convenient to wear, you can enjoy the pleasure of sex at any time, and perfectly satisfy the sexual fantasies of women.

Features of open crotch pants sexy underwear

The characteristics of open crotch pants are the following aspects.The first is convenient and simple, and it is convenient for the rapid remove and put on daily life and sexual life.The second is that the material color and personalized shape can not only satisfy the fantasy of women, but also show the side of women’s confidence, independence and charm.

The difference between open crotch pants and traditional underwear

From a structural point of view, the biggest difference between opening crotch pants and sexy underwear is that there is a bite in the panties, while traditional underwear does not have this design.In addition, the material and color of the open crotch pants are more irritating and personalized, and the appearance is more tempting.

Suitable for wearing objects

Open crotch pants are not only suitable for women’s own wear, but also suitable for wearing with lovers, which increases the interest of sexual life.In addition, some women also wear it as daily underwear, which has greater plasticity.

Suitable for wearing

Open crotch pants Interesting underwear adaptation includes sex occasions, personal private places, sex hotels, party activities, makeup dances, etc.However, it should be noted that when used, we should pay attention to hygiene to avoid causing problems such as infection.

How to choose open crotch pants sexy underwear

When we are going to buy open crotch pants sexy underwear, we can choose according to our body, preferences and needs.First of all, you must choose the size of your own size, and the second is to choose the color, material and shape of your own. The style and characteristics of each woman are different.

How to match the open crotch pants sex underwear

When opening the crotch pants, the overall sexy and charm effect needs to be considered when matching. You can increase your charming and sexy feeling according to clothing, makeup and accessories.

Precautions for maintaining open crotch pants for sexy underwear

Pay attention to cleaning after use of open crotch pants. It is recommended to choose hand washing or soft washing mode to avoid damaging details and code buckles. At the same time, avoid rubbing hard and prevent damage material.When storage, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature environment. It is recommended to use nylon or satin bags for custody.

in conclusion

Open crotch pants have a very important role in women’s sexual life, and the stimulus and fun brought by it cannot be compared with traditional underwear.At the same time, proper choices and open crotch -pants sexy underwear can increase the charm and self -confidence of women, and become one of the important ways to pursue happiness.

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