What do you think of a boyfriend boyfriend

What do you think of a boyfriend boyfriend

When it comes to sexy underwear, many women first consider how to wear comfort and sexy themselves.However, more women are concerned about their boyfriend or husband’s response to this underwear.What will my boyfriend think after wearing a sexy underwear?The following answers this question from the perspective of men.

1. Sexy underwear in different styles

First, men may notice the style of sexy underwear.Different styles of sexy underwear can satisfy different sexy styles.More common styles include lace, stockings, hollow and transparency.Men may have a special preference for one of them.

2. Transparent sexy underwear

Regarding transparent sexy underwear, men generally think that this is the sexiest choice.Putting on a transparent erotic underwear, men can directly see the seductive body part they are hidden.The advantage of this erotic underwear is that it can stimulate men’s imagination and explore basic wild instincts that belong to human beings.

3. Selection of color

Color may not be one of the issues that men’s attention.But there may be different color options for different interest underwear.Colors will not only directly affect the audience’s perception and visual effects, but also reflect the character and temperament of women.For example, red sexy underwear may make men think that they have sexy and innocent traits.

4. The quality of sexy underwear

Another aspect that may affect men is the material and quality of sexy underwear.Men will not want to see women put on poor quality underwear.If women choose higher quality sexy underwear, men will think she is very confident and self -love for her figure.

5. Swelling underwear to buy and wear

In the eyes of men, it is also important to choose and wear sexy underwear.If women ignore the basic methods of buying or wearing underwear, men may be a bit lost and disappointed.The matters that you need to pay attention to when wearing sexy underwear include size, correct wear, uncomfortable or shrinking, and whether the dressing method is correct.

6. They are regarded as prelude to sex

Men usually regard sexy underwear as the beginning of sex.When women wear sexy underwear, men may think they are entering the state of sex.This makes them more excited and look forward to, which brings a better experience.

7. Confident expression method

Sexy underwear can also make women show more confidence in bed.After wearing sexy underwear, women will feel more free and confident, all of which are expected by men.

8. The way to reflect love

In the end, men may think that sexy underwear is an emotional expression.Wearing the faith and courage to wear sexy underwear is the attention and cherishment of love.Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear will arouse men to protect and love women.

Taken together, after wearing sexy underwear, men naturally show more love, attention and leadership.Sex underwear helps enhance the sexual life and feelings of both parties.

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