What are the Polish erotic lingerie brands

Introduction to Polish sex underwear brand

As a large European underwear production country, Poland not only has many well -known underwear brands, but also has many excellent sexy underwear brands.Below, let’s introduce a few Polish sex underwear brands.


Sensualle is one of the most famous brands in Polish sex lingerie brands.Its unique design and diverse style, including many colorful LACE split -panties and lace bra, are loved by sexy lingerie fans.


Obsessive is another Polish sex lingerie brand. Its product line covers many different series, including lace, lace, net eye, pink, etc., catering to women’s various personality and aesthetic needs.


KINGA is a long -established Polish sex lingerie brand, which was established in the 1970s.KINGA’s underwear style is simple and generous, with smooth lines. The white, black, and skin color series are the dominant tones. It is very suitable for women who pay attention to details and design sense.


Milena is a Polish erotic underwear brand focusing on high -quality silk, satin and other materials, creating a sexy and sexy style for women.Its design is simple, elegant, and generous, showing women’s beauty and cuteness, and has always been popular.

Gorteks lingerie

Gorteks Lingerie is another Polish sex underwear brand, which is welcomed by the European and North American markets.Its product line has a variety of styles, including lace, lace, mesh, high waist underwear, etc., with rich and colorful color, perfectly reflecting the charm of women.

Ava lingerie

Ava Lingerie is a Polish brand that focuses on large -scale sexy underwear. It has a variety of sizes and styles, suitable for women of different figures.Its styles include various colors, different designs and details, and get rid of the monotonous boring of traditional large -scale underwear.

Ewa bien

EWA BIEN is the Polish sex lingerie brand named after the name of the three sisters, which are characterized by their superb craftsmanship and high quality.Its style is generous and elegant, with smooth and soft lines. It is mainly based on red, black, blue, purple and other colors, highlighting the beautiful curve of sexy women.

Softline collections

As a well -known global Polish erotic underwear brand, Softline Collection provides customers with many sexy, fashionable underwear series.Its styles include a variety of different materials, such as lace, silk, satin, and different colors and designs, allowing women to show their sexy charm.


As one of the most successful brands in the Polish lingerie brand, Samanta has won many international underwear design awards.Its design style is unique. The product line includes different lace underwear, slit underwear, swimsuit, etc. It is the first choice brand for many sexy underwear enthusiasts.


DAMA KIer is a Polish sex underwear brand pursuing fashion, comfort, sexy and quality. It has a variety of product styles, including a variety of different lace underwear, bra and underwear. It is colorful and brings different styles.

in conclusion:

The above is the Polish sex lingerie brand introduced.These brands have their own unique style and characteristics, which can not only meet the aesthetic needs of women, but also focus on design in design, and create the best display effect for women’s bodies.

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