What are the names of the sexy underwear of the novel?

What are the names of the sexy underwear of the novel?

1. Lipstick with unlimited imagination

There is often a lipstick that can make women feel confident and sexy.This lipstick seems to be able to make women’s lips more plump and seductive through magic.Sometimes there will be lip lips that make people become more pink.

2. The bra with emotional inspiration

In novels, bras always make women look sexy and charming.In order to stimulate lust, the bra in the novel is often designed to tighten the chest while making the cleavage deeper.In addition, some bras are made of lace and transparent materials, which are more tempting.

3. In estrus underwear

There is often a kind of underwear in novels that make women feel estrus and desire.This underwear may have a small bow or decoration, which seems to have a magical magic to make women’s private parts firmer and flexible.

4. Charming conjoined clothes

Supreme clothes make women look more charming.The coats in the novel are often made of black or red transparent materials. The carefully designed patterns or straps are used in the chest, waist and hips, which are very sexy and seductive.

5. The seductive body clothes

The body clothes help the woman’s body tighter.The bumps in the novel are often made of black, red or golden materials, and are usually equipped with shaped hard texture materials to highlight the curve and lines of women’s bodies.

6. Stockings full of charm

Stockings can make women’s legs more beautiful.Black stockings or transparent stockings often appear in novels, which can see women’s slender calves and beautiful heels at a glance.

7. Emphasize sexy high heels

High -heeled shoes increase women’s height and make women look more elegant.The high heels in the novel often show black, red or gold, and shows a sexy and charming atmosphere everywhere.

8. Falling underwear on the naked back

The sexy underwear on the naked back can emphasize the seductive back curve of women and double the sexy indexes of women.It is usually made of transparent materials, and it is also decorated with cute elements such as lace and bow.

9. Breast breast pad

The chest pads make women’s chest look fuller and full of temptation.The chest pads in the novel usually use some soft materials, and naturally blend with underwear to create a more perfect visual effect.

10. Sexy underwear of a variety of materials for stitching

Switching sexy underwear is usually spliced from a variety of materials such as lace, transparent materials, and silk.This underwear is not only sexy and charming, but also can highlight the body curve and waist lines of women.


Although the fun underwear in the novel is fictional, they have an inestimable role in the imagination and self -confidence of women.Being able to find a sexy underwear that suits you can not only improve your self -confidence and charm, but also improve your sexual life.So should you try it?

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