Weibo blogger who sells sexy underwear

Bo Bo Boju: The daily life of selling interesting underwear

Today, there are various bloggers on Weibo, including beauty bloggers, gourmet bloggers, travel bloggers, and so on.Among these bloggers, a blogger selling sexy underwear is quietly rising, attracting more and more fans.

Choose love underwear:

What qualifications do a good sexy lingerie need to have?First of all, they need to be familiar with the style, color, packaging, and quality of sexy underwear.This is the blogger. She summarized a lot of knowledge about sexy underwear to help customers better choose their favorite underwear.

Show sexy underwear:

In addition to choosing underwear, the blogger also showed many different types of erotic underwear on Weibo, including sexy underwear, lace underwear, opening underwear, and so on.Not only did she show the front of the underwear, but also the back and details of the underwear, allowing buyers to better understand the quality and workmanship of the underwear.

Know the product in -depth:

If you are interested in a sexy underwear, then this blogger will definitely help you.She will carefully check and compare each product, and carefully analyze each detail. This information allows those who need to buy to have a deeper understanding of the product.

Sponsors’ underwear:

Most of the sexy lingerie bloggers will receive underwear sponsored by sponsors and introduce underwear on Weibo. The blogger is no exception.However, she will not be around the sponsors, she will only introduce her underwear that she thinks of good underwear.

Grass planting shop:

In addition to introducing his own Weibo, the blogger will also introduce some shops they like.The underwear quality of these shops is very good and the price is very affordable.The introduction of these shops allows buyers to easily buy high -quality sexy underwear.

Answer questions about underwear:

In addition to comparing underwear and introducing stores, the blogger will also answer the customer’s question.These problems involve all aspects of underwear, including size, quality, suitable occasions, how to wear it correctly, and so on.The answers to these questions can help customers better buy their favorite sexy underwear through Weibo.

Recommended match:

In addition to underwear, the blogger will also recommend a suitable match based on the style and color of the underwear.These combination recommendations can not only make the color of the underwear more vivid, but also have more styles and personality when wearing a shirt outside.

Interactive activities:

The blogger will also organize some interactive activities about sexy underwear, such as raffle activities, group purchase activities, and so on.These activities can not only increase the loyalty of the buyer, but also closer the distance between the bloggers and the buyer.

Share with your own experience:

Finally, the blogger will share some precautions and experiences when wearing sexy underwear in combination with their experience.These practical sharing not only make the buyer’s purchase more targeted, but also increase the trust and credibility of the blogger themselves.


The blogger brings you all kinds of knowledge, purchase and wearing skills to everyone in his own unique way, which is shiny.From its Weibo we can see that sexy underwear can not only be worn on the bed. In fact, it can also be a stylish and personality expression.Therefore, if you are interested in sexy underwear, this blogger will definitely be your good helper.

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