Wearing a sexy underwear and kneading

Wearing a sexy underwear and kneading

Fall in love with sexy underwear is already a trend of modern women. After wearing these sexy and charm of underwear, it not only makes women more confident, but also makes people feel enthusiastic.However, even if a sexy underwear is beautiful, it will become less perfect if we wear and wear in the correct way.Today we will talk about how to properly wear interest underwear and prevent the beauty.

Choose the appropriate sexy underwear type

There are many types of sexy underwear, and different sexy underwear is suitable for different occasions and different body types.It is very important to choose underwear that suits you. Women should pay attention to the quality of underwear and the style that suits them.For example, sexy and adult sexy underwear is suitable for sexy parties, while beautiful sexy underwear is suitable for formal occasions.Fortunately, there are all kinds of sexy underwear on the market for you to choose from.

Buy the appropriate size sexy underwear

Choosing the correct size of sexy underwear is very important for improving the beauty and comfort of underwear.Wearing a fitted underwear can make the figure look more curved, and at the same time, it can also maintain the beauty of the underwear.If you buy inappropriate size, then underwear may be deformed, impermeable or loose.

Putting on sexy underwear correctly

The correct method of wearing underwear is very important for the protection of beauty and underwear quality.The first step is to put on a bra. Be sure to ensure easy and comfortable, closely fit to maintain aesthetics.The next step is to put on underwear. Be careful to keep it neat and avoid obesity.If you need it, you can wear a sexy underwear to enhance sexy and beauty.


If the collocation of sexy underwear and clothing is improper, it will affect the beauty.Choose a relaxed and light top to avoid friction with underwear. Do not wear light colored underwear when wearing skirts.If your underwear is transparent, it is best to match the corresponding colors to maintain beauty.

Maintain the cleanliness of sexy underwear

Interest underwear should be cleaned after wearing it once or twice.It is recommended to wash underwear to avoid excessive use of washing machines and dryers.When washing, choose the appropriate cleaner according to the material of the underwear.Before drying, apply a dry towel to gently squeeze underwear to remove excess water.

Keep the quality of sexy underwear

High -quality erotic underwear can be used for a long time.When choosing underwear, look for a good merchant with a good reputation of the manufacturer.You should also pay attention to the texture of the underwear. You can choose a gorgeous, strong, solid, and durable model, so as not to destroy the aesthetics after a long time.

Prevent erotic lingerie loose rope

The exquisite craftsmanship and small rope buckles of sexy underwear are very easy to become the goal of friction and kneading.In order to avoid deformation and damage of underwear, it is recommended to avoid wearing rough clothing and keep the body smooth and dry.

Pay attention to the timing of sexy underwear

From the perspective of the timing, it is not advisable to wear sexy underwear every day.If you often wear sexy underwear, you will increase your sexy lingerie washing and replacement frequency, which means that you need more budgets to buy new sexy underwear.It is recommended to regularly wear sexy underwear to maintain freshness, rather than wearing sexy underwear often to avoid becoming boring.


Wearing a sexy underwear that suits you can bring many positive impacts, such as enhancing women’s self -confidence and charm.In order to maintain beauty and prevent the beauty, buy high -quality sexy underwear, correctly wearing sexy lingerie, correctly paired with clothing, and pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of underwear, which can not only extend the service life of sexy underwear, but also make you feel confident and beautiful.

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