Wear sex underwear field AV

As an expert in sexy underwear, explore the sexy underwear field AV

Although sexy underwear is very common in our daily life, it has different uses in the AV industry.Wearing a sexy underwear field AV can not only increase interest, but also allow the audience to feel greater visual stimuli. This article will explore the matters and common erotic underwear types that wearing sexy underwear AVs.

Interpret the meaning of wearing sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear fields is widely used in the AV industry. This phenomenon not only reflects the aesthetic pursuit of photographers, actors and producers, as well as the entire industry for sex scenes, but also an affirmation of the reproduction of the scene of sexual scenes.Wearing erotic underwear can create an atmosphere of desire, enhance the confidence of actors, and also leave a deeper impression on the audience.

How to choose sexy underwear types

If you want to wear sexy underwear fields, you must first understand different types of sexy underwear.Common types of sexy underwear include stockings, T 常, wedding dresses, SM utensils, sex panties, sex sets, etc. When choosing types, not only consider personal preferences, but also to consider scene requirements and role requirements to meet the effects of scene rendering.

Size selection is very important

The sexual underwear size is different from ordinary underwear sizes, and you should choose according to your body.Excessive or too small will affect the effect and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is recommended to accurately calculate your own size and check the size table for purchase.

What do you need to pay attention to when you have sexy underwear fields

Theoretically, sexy underwear fields are similar to ordinary clothing field wars.However, due to the complex shapes and changing lines of sexy underwear, it is prone to damage or falling off in some places.Therefore, before preparing the sexy underwear field, you need to check the sexy underwear carefully to ensure that the state is intact and fully prepare the materials.

Further enhance the effect of sexy underwear field warfare

Sexy underwear fields are not just wearing sexy underwear for sexual performance.In shooting, you can try dynamic performance methods, such as lying on your back, shooting, etc. to enhance the visual effects of sexy underwear. You can also use other props to help the visual effects of sexy underwear, which reflects more realistic situations in the performance.

Different types of sexy underwear have different requirements for performance

Different types of sexy underwear have different requirements for performance.For example, stockings, sexy underwear, etc. are used to show sexy lines and outlines, which require actors to adopt a suitable posture to highlight the outline of sexy underwear; while SM utensils, sex sets, etc., the actors need to perform a more professional posture and action., To enhance the sense of authenticity and stimulation of sexy underwear fields.

Pay attention to maintenance during sex underwear field wars

After sexy underwear fields, you need to maintain a good maintenance of sexy underwear so that you can use it next time, extend the life of the sexy underwear.You should also try to avoid wear, avoid storage at high temperatures, choose more gentle washing methods, etc., so that fun underwear can better maintain the form and extend the service life.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear field can not only increase interest, but also allow the audience to feel greater visual stimuli.Choose different sexy underwear types according to scenes, role requirements and personal preferences.When wearing a sexy underwear field, you need to pay attention to the problems of size selection and whether the sexual underwear deformation is complete.Actors also need to consider the way of performance and posture to fully show the effect of sexy underwear.Finally, we must pay attention to the maintenance of sexy underwear to extend the life of the sexy underwear.

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