Wear sex underwear and pajamas on the first night

Wear sex underwear and pajamas on the first night

The first time I tried to wear sexy underwear or pajamas was an excited and excited experience for many women.They can make women feel sexy, elegant and confident, and bring a freshness and imagination to before bedtime. So what are the aspects of wearing sexy underwear and pajamas?Here are some tips and suggestions, I hope to help you.

1. Follow comfort

Although the purpose of wearing sexy underwear and pajamas is to make you feel sexy and beautiful, the most important thing is to pay attention to comfort.This is especially important for those who wear the first time.Try to choose a comfortable and appropriate sexy underwear and pajamas.

2. Adjust your mentality

Wearing sex lingerie and pajamas is not always to show others. Many times they can make women feel more confident, sexy and elegant.If you feel unconfident, you can choose those sexy underwear and pajamas that are suitable for you, seemingly comfortable and confident.

3. Select the right model

There are diverse styles of sexy underwear and pajamas, and you must choose a model that suits you according to your own figure.If the body is full or some areas are not satisfactory, you can choose a style with modified effects, or choose a skirt from the waist to the legs.

4. Understand the fabric

The fabric is part of the quality of clothes, and their comfort and softness directly affect the comfort of wearing.When choosing fabrics, consider your skin sensitivity, and choose those fabrics that are not stimulated and soft to the skin, such as comfortable cotton, soft satin and smooth silk.

5. Pursue your style

Each woman has her own style and preferences, so when choosing a sexy underwear and pajamas, they must also pursue their own style.You can choose those simple and generous styles, or you can choose those rich flower patterns, or sweet lace lace, as long as you conform to your own style.

6. Selection of accessories

Interest underwear and pajamas can be enriched and increased by accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, which can make the overall effect more colorful.But be careful not to decorate too much, otherwise it will look too exaggerated.

7. Falling underwear and pajamas maintenance

It is not easy to buy sexy underwear and pajamas, so it is necessary to maintain them reasonably to ensure their exquisite and beautiful.If you have quality problems or stains need to be cleaned, you can use some gentle cleaners and cleaning agents dedicated to cleaning sex underwear and pajamas.

8. Enjoy the process of dressing

The purpose of wearing sexy underwear and pajamas is to make yourself feel better, so you can also pay more attention to your feelings and enjoy this process during the purchase and dressing process.The sense of confidence and beauty is the most important.


The process of wearing erotic underwear and pajamas should be a process of interesting, easy, and enjoying itself. You don’t have to blindly pursue perfect size and modeling figure. Pay attention to your feelings and moods.Sexy.

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