Wear sex underwear and boss


When it comes to wearing erotic underwear and boss, people may think of many different scenes, from unwell imagination to anticipated attempts.But meeting with the boss wearing a sexy underwear does not mean that everyone will feel embarrassed.In the right case, this may be a matter of ever.

Sex underwear and workplace

Under normal circumstances, we will think that sexy underwear is not suitable for wearing in the workplace, but should be worn in private occasions or sexual parties.But there are still people who choose to wear sexy underwear in work places, which is usually just their own choices.The point is that wearing erotic underwear is not related to work performance or professional background.

Gender and sexy underwear

For women, in some industries, such as underwear shops and temptation props, wearing sexy underwear is very suitable.But wearing erotic underwear and the boss will become more delicate.For men, wearing erotic underwear and bosses will be more sensitive, because it is likely to affect their work image.

Correct occasion

Wearing erotic underwear is not suitable for all occasions, different occasions have different rules.Especially when meeting with the boss, it is recommended to avoid wearing sexy underwear.Unless it is authorized to attend a specific type of party, choosing appropriate clothing can usually prevent any unnecessary embarrassment.

Self -expression

Some people choose to meet the boss in a sexy underwear, usually because they want to express themselves, or because they are proud of their bodies.Although doing this may cause unnecessary troubles, what is important is to respect their choices.

Attract attention

Wearing sexy underwear in some cases can attract attention, especially meeting with the boss, which makes people feel uncomfortable.Wearing sexy underwear may be considered inappropriate and affects the reputation of individuals and companies.

Discussion with the boss

If you meet the boss in a sexy underwear, it is recommended to discuss this issue during the conversation and apologize to the boss to explain your way of dressing.This method may avoid any wrong impression and help build a better relationship.

Do further changes

If a person is uncomfortable with his own way of dressing and notice the boss’s response, then he may need to consider making some changes.This can include changing clothing to adapt to the working environment.

Personal preference

In the end, the final decision to meet the boss wearing a sexy underwear should depend on personal preferences.Everyone has their own bottom line. Once they break through this bottom line, they will feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.Therefore, when you decide to wear sexy underwear, you must know what effect you want to achieve, and at the same time balance work and personal preferences.


In short, when deciding to meet the boss in sexy underwear, personal preferences and occasions are the most important factor.If you are working on a sexy underwear and do not affect the company’s image and reputation, you can try it.However, avoiding any risks may be a better choice.

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