Wang Yuchun sexy underwear group picture

Graffiti beautiful girl transition superstar Wang Yuchun

As an actor and singer, Wang Yuchun is loved by young people.But in recent years, she has added her style and image to the design and marketing of sexy underwear, which has caused a controversy.

The fledgling "Queen of Influences"

As early as 2016, Wang Yuchun launched his own sex lingerie brand.Promoting on the Internet, its products quickly became popular and were called "queen of sexy underwear".

From literary and fresh to sexy and charming

In the early days, Wang Yuchun focused on fresh and pretty image. Of course, her sexy underwear was mostly sweet and cute.However, with the change of personal style, Wang Yuchun now loves to try bold and sexy design.

Simple sexy lingerie

In the traditional sexy underwear, there are many black, white, red, and pink.In addition to the elegant black and white, Wang Yuchun’s sexy underwear is mainly based on monochrome, such as nude, light purple, dark blue, dark green and so on.

Except for geometric lines

Wang Yuchun’s sexy underwear is also ingenious in design outside of color.Compared with the curves and waves of other brands, "Wang Yuchun Private Underwear" uses more geometric lines, sometimes sharp and soft, sometimes soft and gentle.

Retro and modern collisions

For designers, the two styles of the past, current, retro and modern are always a extraordinary choice.This sentence is also applicable to Wang Yuchun’s sexy underwear. She will neither completely remove the fancy style in sexy underwear, nor will she spread her natural cuteness and charming atmosphere.

Wang Yu’s purely sexy underwear audience

Many people question whether these trendy design and naked marketing are in line with the public aesthetics.However, Wang Yuchun occupied a very important position in the industry and attracted a group of specific audiences, a fashionable girl in the nightclub, aestheticist who lives high -quality life, and a couple seeking excitement.

Her advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Wang Yuchun’s sexy underwear is its innovative and ingenious design style.The core of its deep level is Wang Yuchun’s identity and personality. She gives civilian girls a chance and is more willing to contact and try sexy underwear.

However, like all brands, Wang Yuchun also has her shortcomings.Of course, enthusiastic publicity and investment in advanced technology will also generate high costs.This may explain why her sexy lingerie prices are much more expensive than other brands.

What makes Wang Yuchun so successful?

Whether women wear sexy underwear, there are many social factors such as cultural connotation and gender identity behind the third wave of feminism.But I have to say that Wang Yuchun’s road to success is from the two points of the brand’s valuable and style.


Whether you are a fan of sexy underwear or an expert in sex, we have to admit that this industry is changing, more popular and mainstream.Wang Yuchun’s sexy underwear is one of the innovations of this love underwear industry.Whether you like her design, but what she does is to give more fashion and aesthetics for this field. If you are trying to explore the world of sexy underwear, maybe her design will make you a different surprise.

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