Vietnamese sex lingerie brand

Vietnamese sex lingerie brand

In traditional sense, Vietnam is not a manufacturer of sexy underwear, but in recent years, some bold Vietnamese female entrepreneurs have begun to challenge tradition and introduce sexy and popular sexy underwear into the Vietnamese market.In the following articles, we will introduce you to several Vietnamese local sex lingerie brands.


Takiko is a brand founded by a woman named To TAI.Takiko’s concept is to provide more diversified, more fashionable, and better quality sexy underwear.The brand’s design inspiration mainly comes from the trend of Japan and South Korea, and it is very distinctive in color and fabrics.

Miss B? I

Miss B? I is known as the "dark horse" in the sexy underwear industry in Vietnam, and the founder of the brand is Lê Th? B? Y.This brand is very good at using various decorations, such as lace, pearls, ribbons, etc., to create colorful sexy underwear.The color of the brand is also very fashionable and avant -garde.


Euphora was founded in 2013. The brand’s positioning is to introduce the most fashionable sexy underwear into the Vietnamese market.Euphora’s main designers are also women. They have a large brain and constantly pushing out new. There are many styles of sexy underwear, such as conjoined, vest -style bands, and so on.


The Tia-Queen brand is very popular in the Vietnamese market, especially the love of young women.The brand’s clothing style is bold and colorful, with fashionable shorts and robes.Tia-Queen’s brand image is fresh and natural, which is in line with the aesthetics of young local women.


Ama’s founder is Duy Doan, who used to be a professional doctor at the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.Because he often came into contact with some female friends, he found that there were not many sexy underwear brands in the Vietnamese market.As a result, he began to develop the sexy underwear of the AMA brand, boldly innovated, and implemented the follow -up of nature and comfort into the design and manufacturing of the brand.


Katima is an old brand that has begun to engage in the textile industry in 1908.In the process of making sexy underwear, Katima also adopted its own manufacturing technology, especially in the manufacturing of the yarn.Katima’s brand pays great attention to quality, so the price is higher than other brands.

K & K;

K & K’s brand positioning is to meet young people and young couples.In the design of this brand, we can see the youthful breath and some interesting little ideas.In terms of material and color, K & K dare to try very much. Pink, blue, purple and other colors are used in the brand design.

Yume corset

Yume Corset is a relatively new brand. The main designer of the brand is a young woman named QUYNH An.In her eyes, the sexy underwear should be light and beautiful, and it is necessary to break the point of view of traditional sexy underwear to expose her body.Her design concept pays great attention to details and texture.

in conclusion

The above is the introduction of some Vietnamese sex lingerie brands.Although Vietnam is not a country with sexy underwear, these brands are very popular in the Vietnamese market.These brands have their own characteristics and advantages in color, material and design, suitable for different types and age women.If you are interested in Vietnamese sexy underwear, try these brands, you may find a brand that suits you.

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