Video tutorial of sexy underwear wearing method

1 Introduction

As a unique fashion and aesthetic product, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention in modern life.However, many people do not know much about the methods of wearing such products and are prone to inappropriate situations.Today, let’s share the method of wearing sex underwear and hope to help everyone.

2. Select the right size

First of all, you must choose the right size when wearing a sexy underwear.Because such products are usually tightly designed, if you buy it, it will appear loose and not tight, which will affect the aesthetics; if you buy it, it will easily cause physical discomfort and unhealthy oppression.Therefore, you must pay attention to the measurement when buying, and choose the size that suits you.

3. Understand different styles

There are many types of sexy underwear, with different design and uses.Some are to show figures and sexy, while others have some functions, such as thin waist and shaping.In the process of selection, we must understand the characteristics of different styles and choose to choose from their own needs.

4. Correctly wear a bra

Bra is a very important product in women’s sexy underwear. Pay attention to correctly wear.First of all, choose the right cup type and fence to make the bra perfectly fit your body.Secondly, pay attention to the tightness of the hook buckle, do not be too tight or loose.Finally, pay attention to adjust the length of the shoulder straps so that the bra can provide appropriate support and comfort.

5. With other clothing

Sex underwear usually appears as an inner clothing, especially when wearing thin clothes in summer.When matching other clothing, pay attention to selecting color and style, so that the overall shape is harmonious and unified.

6. Wear leggings

Some sexy -style sexy underwear cannot be worn directly, and other products such as bottom pants are needed.When wearing leggings, pay attention to choose the right size and style, so as not to look long or not long enough.

7. Pay attention to details

Although sexy underwear is a very visual impact product, it is necessary to pay attention to some details, such as shoes, jewelry, and makeup.Pay attention to the coordination of the overall matching, making the overall shape more perfect and textured.

8. Use of non -slip glue

Some sexy underwear design has non -slip glue, which can make the product more closely fit the body.However, sometimes when we have too many sweats or the non -slip glue will fail, the sexy underwear will fall off.At this time, you can apply some setting glue to the non -slip place to increase the anti -slip effect.

9. Pay attention to cleaning and maintenance

As a underwear product, sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance.Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to wash it by hand, choose a mild detergent, and do not rub it to avoid product deformation or damage.In addition, sexy underwear is not suitable for drying the sun and high temperature. You should choose a cool and ventilated place to dry.

10. Conclusion

Good dressing and maintenance habits can make sexy underwear more beautiful and more comfortable and healthy.At the same time, you need to pay attention to the matching and details of sexy underwear. Only in this way can you perfectly show your charm.

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