Video of sexy underwear slightly fat women wearing


As a woman, we sometimes worry about body problems, especially slightly fat women.What kind of sexy underwear can you look more charming and sexy?Today I will introduce some sexy lingerie styles and wear skills for micro -fat women.

Falling underwear on the chest

Micro -fat women often have the problem of "drooping", and sexy underwear with high breasts is the best way to solve this problem.This kind of sexy underwear usually has a shoulder pad underwear cup, which can raise the chest upwards, visually extend the body proportion, and also show the charm of the deep valley.

Lace material sexy underwear

Lace is very suitable for slightly fat women, because it is light and not too tight, and can avoid showing women’s fat to the surroundings.The transparency of lace can also give people a sexy and romantic feeling.Therefore, micro -fat women must remember more sexy underwear with lace materials.

Bey waist -shaped sexy underwear

Bid -waist underwear can effectively shape the waist curve, which not only helps micro -fat women to avoid excess fat exposure, but also eliminate the visual lines of the legs and make the figure look more slender.

Interesting underwear with shaped modification function

Some erotic underwear design is paired with this texture design, or a design method such as folds or waist to change the shape of the underwear.Making slightly fat women can well cover the fat and belly of the waist, making the proportion of her body beautiful and charming.

Solid underwear

Micro -fat women must remember to choose the same type of solid underwear with the lower dress, so that the lines of the hem of the clothes can be smoother and natural, avoiding the boundary of the dividing line to divide the body shape or affect the proportion of the figure.

color match

Wanting to use sex underwear to modify the figure, color matching is a good way.For fat women, choosing the same color socks and underwear colors can also increase the effect of leg type repair, making the legs look slim and charming.

Long style sexy underwear

Micro -fat women often appear to be insufficient because of their waist circumference and hips. In this case, choosing long sexy underwear is a very good choice.Long underwear can extend the body lines very well, making the body proportion more coordinated.

Sports underwear does not need to be a robe under exercise

Sports sexy underwear has become the choice of "new era". It no longer seems so sporty, and can also make people sexy.Some of them are even equipped with shiny metal decoration, magnetic adsorption buckle and ring belt decoration, which are more fashionable.

Reduce patterns and contributions too much sexy underwear

Micro -fat women should avoid choosing too much patterns or patterns on underwear, so that people can easily disperse people’s attention and even make people feel messy.If you want to make you look more sexy, it is recommended to choose an appropriate amount of details or embroidery instead of too much "flower whistle".

Point of view

When choosing a sexy underwear, slightly fat women should pay attention to two aspects, one is comfort, and the other is whether it can make them look more sexy.If you can take into account these two aspects, it is the best sexy underwear.I hope that today’s sharing can help micro -fat women better choose sexy underwear that suits them, so that they have a more confident, sexy and healthy figure.

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