Very excessive sexy underwear

Very excessive sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a clothing designed to enhance the attitude and sexy charm.It not only makes women more attractive on the outside, but also emotionally build a deeper connection with partners.However, the design of some sexy underwear is too much. It can be said that it directly breaks through the human aesthetic bottom line.This article will introduce several erotic lingerie styles that are uninteresting.

Massage erotic sheet

Many sexy underwear has the characteristics of irritating and improving sensitivity, but some are too exaggerated, such as sexy underwear with a massage device.Although massage underwear can bring a certain pleasure, it may also cause muscle spasm and tissue damage.In addition, long -term excessive stimulation may also make the human body lose normal.Therefore, you must be careful when using massage erotic underwear.


Personal underwear is suitable for many clothing, but for sexy underwear, it is too close to the design that makes people feel delicate.Some erotic underwear even cover the smallest part, and has not played a role in covering.Even in private places, this naked shape can cause dislikes and disgust from others.

Auxiliary equipment sexy underwear

There are some fun underwear auxiliary supplies such as sex toys, ointment.Although the role of these supplies is to bring a stronger sexy experience, they do not always guarantee safety.Side effects and damage to sensitive parts may cause side effects and damage.Therefore, only after understanding and agreeing to the risk of using these materials can they fully enjoy the pleasure they bring.

Super small underwear

In order to reflect the sexy and charm of women, some sexy underwear designers have designed the size of the clothes very small, so that they can only barely cover the important parts.However, this underwear does not cover the sense of security of the sensitive part at all, causing discomfort and even a sense of humiliation.

Coating sexy underwear

There is a product called coating sexy underwear instead of actual textile materials with a certain coating, which allows women to apply pattern, pattern or text on the body.Although this kind of sexy underwear is creative, coating underwear is often difficult to clean and contains some dangerous chemicals.Moreover, long -term use may deposit the paint in the pores and cause a negative impact on the body.

Strange design sexy underwear

The design of some sexy underwear is becoming more and more strange, and a little carelessness will become the risk of "glowing".In these designs, underwear can have various strange shapes such as arrows, Christmas trees, fruits, etc., and even the costumes are not enough, which directly becomes a sticker attached to the body.This "amazing" design sometimes turns sexy into nausea.

Perfecting sexy underwear

Performing erotic underwear is a kind of rescue underwear, which can avoid embarrassing and strange visual effects when accidentally wearing sexy underwear.Although see -through underwear does not have actual sexy effects, it is still a cute protective underwear.

Diapers sexy underwear

This is an extreme and creepy sexy underwear.Its designers believe that adults should also have their own diapers.The material of the diaper erotic underwear is the same as the baby diaper, which is a kind of soft paper.The diaper underwear will stick to the body, and the effect of covering part of the sensitive parts is brought through thick winding.This sexy underwear is not only shameful, but also may cause sexual health problems.

Milk sticker sexy underwear

Milk stickers are designed to improve the form and confidence of women with smaller cups or unbelievable nipple size.This kind of patch is used at one time, covering the nipples, making it not fall off, and increases sexy atmosphere.This sexy underwear is another kind of protective underwear, which makes it look more sexy.

Summary point of view:

There are many innovative and exciting designs in the sex underwear market, but there are also some designs too much, which may lead to physical and mental discomfort.Regarding what erotic underwear to choose, it is recommended that users should consider safety, comfort and sexy. Do not feel that it is just because of some "fashion trends", but for long -term harm and regrets.

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