Various sexy underwear av

Various sexy underwear av

1. Sexy series

Sexy series of underwear is a classic choice for sex underwear. Most of them use silk, short, perspective, splitting and other elements to emphasize women’s sexy and charm.The colors of this type of underwear are mainly black, red, and blue. The texture of the cloth is commonly used in the texture of silk and lace.

2. Temptation Series

This series can be seen literally, the purpose is to tease men’s desires.This type of underwear is mainly characterized by coquettish temptation and mature women’s style. The color is mostly bright, white, and transparent underwear.

3. role -playing series

This underwear usually uses different topics such as student uniforms, nurse uniforms, maid uniforms, police uniforms, stewardess uniforms, Republic of China clothing, and young women’s temptation to make design, with diverse shapes.The design of the underwear is mostly T -shaped and thongs. The design of the chest is very high. It is often decorated with lace, bow, and lace lace.

4. Perspective series

The perspective series underwear is equivalent to the advanced version of the sexy series.Generally, it is designed with transparent fabrics in the chest, belly, and waist to achieve a more sexy effect.The perspective series of underwear is mostly black, white, red, purple, blue and other basic colors. Most of the materials are made of lace, silk, and yarn.

5. Leather series

The leather series underwear is often called the "Fur Series". It usually uses black, bright black, and red leather as the main material. It is decorated with less lace lace.This underwear has achieved a unique sexy effect. It is often made into a bikini style. Some underwear is also equipped with a limited -type props such as leather whip.

6. Lace series

The materials used in lace series underwear are mainly lace fabrics, and are designed by rich lace, embroidery, ribbon and other decorations.The color is mostly purple, pink, black, white and other colors, and there are more bright colors.This type of underwear is soft, unique, and elegant.

7. All nude series

The so -called naked series does not need to wear underwear, as long as the earrings, necklaces, stockings and the like, and their simple decorations, are not only sexy, but also expose women’s figures and tenderness, but women with perfect figures and perfect women can try.

8. Fairy Home Service Series

The fun home service series is not only good -looking, but also very comfortable and natural.Most of the fabrics used in this underwear are made of tulle, linen and other materials. They feel soft and comfortable to wear, and the small fresh design style is also suitable for girls who wear pajamas at home.

9. Mask series

The mask series underwear highlights the mystery and sensitivity of women, and is an alternative sexy underwear.The subject of the underwear can choose a variety of materials such as silk and lace. The underwear is mostly used, T -shaped, T -shaped, etc. The most important is its specially designed mask. Some masks are also equipped with oral balls, eye masks, hood and other props.

10. Common for men and women

The men’s and women’s universal series underwear is not only suitable for one person, but also suitable for couples to use together, deepen the emotions between each other, and make the sex life between men and women a better sex.This type of underwear design style is mostly embarrassing and sexy. Most of women’s underwear is mainly lace, perspective, and small vests. Men’s underwear design is relatively simple and simple. They are all comfortable and simple, without too fancy designs.

in conclusion:

In terms of applicability and practicality, the design of sexy underwear is becoming more and more user -friendly. Many sexy underwear design pays more attention to comfort and flexibility, so as to better adapt to the outline and activities of the human body, making it easier to wear habits.And different men’s and women’s sexual orientation, demand, and population bases, the way to walk in sex underwear to achieve the sublimation of human aesthetics and sexy abilities, sexy underwear is a must -have for men and women.

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