Two cloths of sexy underwear

Two cloths of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is an indispensable part of modern women’s sexual life.They can add fun and passion to you and your partner.Different erotic underwear styles and styles can cover different occasions and sexual fantasies.The most basic difference is the two fabric styles of sexy underwear: naked and imagination.Let’s learn the characteristics and applicable occasions of these two sexy underwear together.

Bad sexy underwear

The exposed erotic underwear refers to the use of rare, transparent or cotton fabrics to show some sexy underwear with the main characteristics of some organ or curve beauty of the female body.Have the following characteristics:

1. Strong sense of nakedness: nakedness is its most important feature.Due to the use of transparent, gauze, or thin sliced material, some of them are often exposed.Such sexy underwear can show the curve beauty of women’s bodies and convey a positive and confident physical image.

2. Wide applicable occasions: naked sexy underwear is suitable for various occasions.For example, use in private situations can add the sex experience of the other half, and can also be used for some special environments, such as party.

3. Inappropriate crowds: Bad and sexy underwear is not suitable for everyone.For those who are not confident, shy or more conservative, this style may be too exposed and brave.

4. It is easy to look trivial: naked sexy underwear is usually dominated by decoration and cloth, so it may not be suitable for those who pursue simplicity and style.

Imagination of sexy underwear

The imagination of sexy underwear refers to the use of linen, silk, polyester and other high -quality fabrics, which are bolder and expressive design.Although it does not emphasize the exposure of the skin, it often uses a tightly buckled or covered design, emphasizing the curve and decoration of the body to bring comfort and delicateness.This kind of sexy underwear is usually:

1. Emphasize form: The imaginary sexy underwear emphasizes the curve and decoration of women’s bodies, and is very sophisticated with the creativity of the morphological beauty and design.Because there are many styles and colors to choose from, these clothes are also very popular in playing characters and photo shooting.

2. Applicable occasions: The imagination of sexy underwear is a multifunctional sexy underwear.It is not only suitable for personal situations, but also suitable for clothing and other occasions.

3. Material creation: The imaginary sexy underwear usually uses high -quality materials, which has comfort and convenience.This quality guarantees that it will not cause damage to the skin during use.

4. It is necessary to get rid of boring: The imaginary sexy underwear is generally more complicated and tedious. It needs to be matched with other clothing or accessories to achieve imagination and geometric combination, which makes the threshold for buying this sexy underwear a lot higher.


Although these two interesting underwear are different, their purpose is to make women more attractive and confident, thereby increasing the fun and experience of sexual fantasy.Choose naked or imaginative sexy underwear based on your preferences and figures, which can make you more freely dig your potential in sexual fantasies and improve your sense of excitement and sexual stimulus.

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