Tokyo Buy Fun Show

Tokyo Buy Fun Show

Market overview

As one of the world’s most fashionable cities, Tokyo, the sexy underwear market is also particularly developed.There are many specialty stores and large shopping malls in the city to sell sexy underwear. At the same time, many personalized brands have gradually emerged.

Brand recommendation

There are many recommended brands in Tokyo, such as "Peach John", "La Perla", "Journelle", "CHANTELLE" and "Intimissimi".These brands have a variety of sexy lingerie styles, with underwear suitable for various occasions. From daily wear to special occasions, they can find a style that suits them.

Purchase technique

You need to pay attention to different styles and sizes in selecting sex underwear.When selecting styles, you should decide according to the occasion and personal taste.For size purchase, it is recommended to choose the size according to your habits.

Material Introduction

There are many types of sexy underwear, including silk, lace, cotton and fiber.When buying, choose the most comfortable and best quality material according to your preferences and feelings.

With suggestions

When matching sex underwear, pay attention to wearing and matching to avoid inappropriate occasions or dress styles.Some sexy underwear is suitable for external wear, such as silk pajamas and long skirts, and some styles are more suitable for inside, such as bra and underwear.

Price analysis

The price of sex lingerie also fluctuates in the Tokyo market. According to the brand and style, the price can ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yen.Compared with the markets in other regions, the market price of the sexy underwear in Tokyo is higher.

the way of buying

In Tokyo, fun underwear can be purchased through online malls, specialty stores and department stores.When choosing channels, you can find a suitable purchase way according to your preferences and economic strength.

Fighting experience

Tokyo’s sexy underwear market is very strong, with various brands and styles, and there are bright underwear everywhere.

cultural background

The popularity of sexy underwear in the Tokyo market is also inseparable from the cultural background of the city.Men and women in Tokyo need to express their own personality, taste and attitude, and sexy underwear has become a way of expression.

Best time

In the Tokyo market, the best time to buy sexy underwear is the year and four seasons.However, some brands and businesses usually carry out promotional activities in specific periods, and they can pay close attention when buying.

in conclusion

In general, Tokyo’s sexy underwear market is colorful, and the selectivity of various brands and styles is also wide.When buying, choose styles and brands that are suitable for your own style and taste. At the same time, you need to pay attention to factors such as materials, sizes, and color to ensure the most comfortable and most suitable sexy underwear.

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