Tmall sex underwear has a picture comment


Tmall sex lingerie is always very popular, they are the best in sexy women’s underwear.For women who want to buy sexy lingerie or European and American sexy underwear, shopping may bring some confusion, because there are too many choices.In this article, I will share with you some knowledge and experience in Tmall’s sexy underwear, and provide you with some comments and suggestions, so as to add some new new new new loses to your underworld under the premise of not wasting time and moneything.


First of all, we must determine what the material of sex underwear is, because it is very important for shoppers.Some common materials include silk, lace, polyurethane and cotton.Silk and lace can make sexy underwear more comfortable, sexy and softer, but the cost is higher.Polyurethane and cotton materials can also make comfortable and sexy underwear, but the price is relatively low.


The style of Tmall sex lingerie is also dazzling, but some styles should focus on when buying.When wearing a bra, it is very important to be comfort and support. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a style with a high chest cover and some enhanced support styles, such as shoulder straps, vest styles or triangular underwear.At the same time, the underwear can choose a comfortable low or high waist, or you can choose an open or non -open -crotch style as needed.

Size and fit

Underwear size is one of the factors that must be considered when buying sexy underwear.Tmall’s underwear brands usually have specially adjusted size tables to provide you with the most accurate size definition.The degree of fit is another important aspect, because any sex underwear must be integrated with the body without gap or yarn position.To this end, it is recommended to refer to the brand’s size list before buying and try on it after purchasing.

coloring scheme

The sex lingerie color scheme is also one of the factors, which can help you achieve various styling effects.In Tmall’s sexy underwear store, you can find a variety of colors, including bright, dark and intermediate color, each color can bring you different feelings.In addition, the patterns and patterns on the underwear can make you more personalized when wearing it outside.

Picture comment

In the product page of Tmall’s sexy lingerie, many pictures about underwear can be found.These comments allow buyers to conduct more intuitive and authentic evaluations of the quality and wearable effect of underwear.Buyers can view these comments in order to better understand important information such as the appearance, fabric and suitable size of the underwear.


In Tmall’s sexy underwear store, you can find many brands, including some international brands and domestic brands.Some brands of sexy underwear pay more attention to comfort and support, and focus on design and materials, while other brands pay more attention to sexual sensibility and design innovation.Shoppers should choose a brand according to their own needs.

Price and quality

Regardless of the quality of Tmall’s sexy underwear, it is undeniable that they all have a variety of price range.Some sexy lingerie prices are relatively low, while some prices are very expensive.However, shoppers cannot measure the quality and comfort of underwear based on the price as the sole standard, and need to pay special attention to the size, fabric, design and softness.

the way of buying

In Tmall’s sexy underwear store, you can easily browse and buy various styles of underwear, but sometimes shoppers want to feel the underwear more in person.For these shoppers, there are also some specific stores or counters that can provide trial -through services.If it is inconvenient to buy on the store, you can also choose to buy on Tmall’s online shopping platform.

Maintenance and processing

No matter which brand or style of underwear you buy, it is important to maintain and deal with it.It is recommended to use the cleaning instructions of the underwear store to wash or hand -wash, and avoid using bleach, dryer and high -temperature iron.This can extend the life of the underwear and maintain its comfort and aesthetics.

in conclusion

There are many different brands, styles and prices in the Tmall sex underwear market, which provides buyers with wider choices.However, buyers should carefully choose underwear that conforms to their size, fabrics, styles and prices in order to buy popular sexy underwear.At the same time, shoppers should also pay attention to maintenance and processing to maintain the comfort of the underwear.

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