Thousand Bird Island Fun Underwear Factory Store


Qianbird Island Fun Underwear Factory is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. It is a factory store specializing in the production of sexy underwear.Founded in 1999, the factory has become one of the well -known brands in the domestic sex lingerie industry, and has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.

brand speciality

Thousands of Bird Island Funwee Underwear Factory Store aims at creating sexy underwear. The underwear is stylish, sexy, and personalized, allowing women to feel a free and colorful life.The factory focuses on product quality. It uses high -quality fabrics and comfortable styles to create a perfect figure for women.

Product Series

The fun underwear produced by the factory covers multiple series, including sexy pajamas series, lace underwear series, sexy suit series, uniform temptation series, SM sex series, sex socks series, etc.The sexy lingerie of different series is complete, with a wide range of choices, which can meet the needs of different customers.

Production Process

The factory adopts advanced production processes and equipment, such as CAD computer assisted design, CAM computer -aided processing, etc., to ensure the accuracy and high quality of the product.

Sales network

Qianbird Island Funwee Underwear Factory stores a wide range of sales networks, and product sales are all over the country, as well as Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other places.The factory also cooperates with some e -commerce platforms to facilitate consumers to buy sexy underwear of Qiaobao Island online.

Service guarantee

Adhering to the service concept of "customer first", the factory provides comprehensive after -sales service, such as returns, replacement, after -sales tracking and other services.In addition, the factory also regularly organizes online and offline activities to provide consumers with preferential benefits and purchase experiences.

market expectation

As people’s awareness of sexual experience gradually increases, the underwear market has gradually expanded, especially the sexy underwear market is becoming increasingly popular.Qianbird Island’s Infusion Underwear Factory Store actively seizes market development opportunities, continuously updates underwear styles, improves the level of technology, expands sales channels, and is worth looking forward to in the future.


The underwear industry is fiercely competitive, and the Qianbird Island Funwee Underwear Factory Store is facing competition from the same industry and competition from other brands with similar products.In order to maintain market competitive advantages, the factory requires the production of high -quality sexy underwear, designing sexy and unique styles, implementing differentiated competition, and winning market share.

Industry Trends

In the future, the sexy underwear industry will be guided by a more diverse product style and richer cultural connotation, creating a more colorful sex experience. At the same time, consumers’ requirements for sexy underwear will become higher and higher, and the demands more attention to products will pay more attention to products.Innovation and personalization.Thousands of Bird Island Info Underwear Factory stores in response to the trend, meet consumer needs, and occupy a place in market competition.


From the perspective of brand characteristics, product series, production process, sales network, service guarantee, market prospects, competitors and industry trends, etc., as a well -known brand in the field of sexy underwear in ChinaCompetitiveness has market prospects and potential.It is believed that in the future development, this factory store will continue to be new, flexibly cope with market transformation, and bring more possibility of consumers.

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