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Skills and precautions for shooting sex underwear

In modern society, the interesting underwear industry has become more and more popular with the development of the Internet.Many women have also started buying a variety of sexy underwear online.As a sexy underwear expert, let me introduce some of the skills and precautions of sexy underwear.

1. Preparation

Before shooting sexy underwear, preparation is critical.The first thing to consider is the location and light source of the photo. It is recommended to choose a clean and bright indoor environment to ensure the shooting effect.At the same time, it is necessary to prepare photography equipment, viewfons, lights and tools for adjusting clothes.

2. Choose clothes

Choose a beautiful and unique sexy underwear to show the advantages of your figure.If you are a novice, you may wish to start shooting from a relatively simple style to gradually improve your shooting skills and experience.

3. Select pose

For women, the way of wearing and posture of sexy underwear is crucial.After wearing underwear, it is recommended to self -adjust the posture in front of the mirror to find the most suitable posture, such as lying on the side, lying on his back, or squinting, so that you can show the best figure line.

4. Determine the shooting angle

The shooting angle should be determined according to the sexy lingerie style.For example, the firming style of the strap should be selected to show the perfect back.The bra and the bottom pants should focus on the top of the chest and hips.

5. Try different shooting methods

Try a variety of different lenses and techniques during shooting, such as positive, back, side, near, near, long shots, pultling shooting, back shots, etc.These different visual effects can show all aspects of sexy underwear and increase the appeal of products.

6. Pay attention to texture and color

During the shooting session, pay attention to the material and color of the sexy underwear.For beautiful and noble sexy underwear, you should choose a dull light to display a clear texture, which is convenient for consumers to understand the material of love underwear. For the colorful and vibrant sexy underwear, you should choose bright lights to highlight the colorBrightness.

7. Adjust the chest and hip

The chest and hips are the two focus of sexy underwear, so pay special attention to the performance of these two parts when shooting.Adjusting the posture of the chest and hips can make the shooting more tension.

8. Highlight the characteristics of sexy underwear

When shooting sexy underwear, it should focus on its unique design, color and characteristics.If it is the sexy underwear of the jewelry, the jewelry can be coordinated with the sexy underwear, giving full play to its beauty, and increasing the chance of product sales.

9. Normal breathing

It is important to keep your normal breathing when adjusting your posture.If you are too nervous, it will cause shortness of breath, which will affect the display effect of sexy underwear.Therefore, before shooting, proper relaxation and tension should be performed.

10. Seek help from professionals

If you are a novice, or there is no related skills such as photography, it is recommended to seek help from professionals.Under the guidance of professionals, it can better show the advantages of sexy underwear and enhance shooting technology.


Pay attention to many details when shooting sexy underwear, and these details often determine the display effect of sexy underwear, which affects the level of sales.Therefore, when shooting sexy underwear, you need to prepare carefully, try different shooting methods and angles, highlight the characteristics of sexy underwear, pay attention to details, so as to take beautiful and moving product photos and allow consumers to have the desire to buy.

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