There is a hole in the erotic underwear


In recent years, the sexy underwear industry has developed rapidly, and the number of sexy lingerie styles has continued to increase. Many of the underwear are transparently designed, which has holes.However, where does this design come from?Why use cave design on sexy underwear?This article will explore this topic.

Maintain mystery

Sexy underwear is a sexy and mysterious underwear, which aims to enhance sexual charm and attractiveness.When designing the entrance of the design, the purpose of the designers is to maintain a certain mystery, while increasing the exposure part, it also maintains the mysteriousness of unveiled.

Provide vision and sensory experience

In sexy underwear, the design of the eye can provide the wearer with a novel experience in visual and touch.Their style is not only unique, but also provides different degrees of visual and sensory stimuli, thereby increasing the fun and fun feelings of the wearer.

Increase the fun of sex

The purpose of sexy underwear is to meet the various needs of couples in sex.The design of the cave entrance helps to increase the fun and enjoyment of couples.It brings more imagination to sexual life, so that couples can be more fulfilling and satisfied in sexual life.

Echo role -playing

Eye is also a way to play the role. It allows people to play the fun of various characters and increase sexual life.Many erotic underwear have unique theme elements, such as nurses, police, students and housewives.The entrance provides more opportunities and methods for these role -playing.

Convenient to caress and sexual behavior

It is undeniable that in the design of the hole, this design also meets the needs of human physiology and biology.The existence of the cave can be carried and caressing the convenience of sexual behavior.This allows humans to meet sexual needs in more natural and more exciting conditions.

Follow the advanced manufacturing process

Now some advanced manufacturing technologies have also allowed designers to make more complicated hole design on underwear.Advanced manufacturing process sex underwear brands usually use high -quality materials and design processes, which is one of the reasons why there are more and more caves.Due to the continuous research and development of new materials and new processes, the entrance and structure of the sexy underwear have been continuously changed and innovated.

Paper in shape and mind

The design of erotic underwear is not just to gain sexual attractiveness, it is more meaningful.The interest of sexy underwear lies in the design concept of "shape and mind".Although its shape is often exposed, its heart is warm and harmonious.The design of the hole is the integration of external sexy and internal emotions, which can express both sexy or inner tenderness.

Capts human needs

In general, the hole design in the sexy underwear meets human psychology and physiological needs, but reflects the designer’s ingenuity and innovation spirit.This design adds the fun of the wearer while conveying the sexy and mysterious sense, making the couple fully fulfilling and satisfied in sexual life.


Generally speaking, the entrance of the fun underwear has become the trend in recent years.From wearers to designers to manufacturers, everyone is trying to meet the needs of humanity, and in the process, find new inventions and creativity.The changes and development of these hole design will also be an important part of the development of sexy underwear in the future.

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