The top ten list of sexy lingerie brands


When it comes to sexy underwear, every woman will hear some specific brand names.These brands are welcomed by high -quality, comfortable, beautiful and attractive underwear.In this article, we will introduce the top ten in the world’s most popular sexy underwear brands.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret brand was founded in 1977 and is one of the world’s most well -known sexy underwear brands.The brand has designed many charming and sexy underwear, making each woman feel like a beautiful woman.


FYI By Dani Read is an American brand that focuses on creating a very individual and fashionable sexy underwear.If you look closely, you will find that these underwear is also suitable for wearing.

La Perla

The LA Perla brand was founded in 1954 and is an old -fashioned sexy underwear brand.Their underwear design is gorgeous, and the fabrics are soft and comfortable, which increases women’s self -confidence and charm.

Agent Provocateur

The Agent Provocateur brand was founded in 1994 and has now become one of the world’s influential sexy underwear brands.Their underwear design style is unique and sexy and luxurious.

Stella McCartney Lingerie

The Stella McCartney Lingerie brand is full of modern women’s style and charm, highlighting their confidence.These underwear are made of advanced fabrics, comfortable and durable.

Triumph International

The Triumph International brand was founded in 1886 and is one of the world’s largest sexy underwear brands.They have created a variety of styles of sexy underwear to provide more choices for women.

Marlies dekkers

The Marlies Dekkers brand was born in the 1990s, and designers were keen to show women’s beautiful figure lines.Their underwear style is extremely unique, and each of them contains the differences between the details of men and women.


As a French sexy underwear brand, the Chantelle brand has a long history.Every season, they have launched many sexy underwear suitable for daily wear.

Calvin Klein Underwear

The Calvin Klein Underwear brand was founded in 1982. The brand has become one of the important options in the global sexy underwear market.Their underwear design style is simple and stylish, giving people personality and taste.


The Bluebella brand is a British brand with a variety of underwear styles designed.It feels like wearing a colorful mask full of secrets.

in conclusion

Whether it is style or brand, the sexy underwear industry has developed into a field full of diverse and creative.No matter which brand or style you choose, the key is to find a sexy underwear that makes you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful.

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