The sexy underwear is not interesting now


Interest underwear is a part that cannot be missing in modern life.It can not only enhance personal charm, but also increase interest and sex.However, the recent sexy underwear on the market is a bit disappointed because they don’t seem to be so "interesting".

Lack of creative erotic underwear

Today’s sexy lingerie styles are becoming more and more single, lack of new ideas, which is boring.Most of the sexy lingerie is a set of indecent patterns or fancy lace designs.These designs feel more eye -catching, not to really enjoy sex with their partners.

Too much focus on the appearance

Today’s market propaganda emphasizes the appearance design of sexy underwear and ignores the importance of the quality of underwear.This situation leads to a short life of underwear and may affect the sex experience.

Ignore comfort

In order to create a "interest" atmosphere, sexy underwear materials usually choose exquisite lace or mesh to stimulate sensory senses.However, it is a problem to pay too much attention to visual effects and ignore comfort.Some sexy underwear may restrain the body and destructive sex experience.

Virtual price

Sex underwear is usually higher than ordinary underwear.Some sexy underwear brands set up high prices, and cannot provide consumers with better comfort and user experience.Therefore, many consumers have begun to doubt the true intentions of these brands.

Lack of diversity

Many sexy underwear designers only pay attention to mainstream audiences and ignore the needs of different people.The sexy underwear market needs more underwear styles suitable for different body shape, skin tone and sexual orientation.

Not suitable for daily wear

The positioning of the sex underwear market depends mainly on their appearance and use.However, because the design is too publicized, some sexy underwear is not suitable for daily wear, which limits its use occasions.

Lack of real interest

Most sexy underwear only adds some fancy decorations on the outside, and lacks real fun.In order to make the sex more intense, sexy underwear designers need to pay attention to the different details of various underwear.

Lack of educational significance

The sexy underwear sold in the market is very simple. Designers or manufacturers rarely provide information about sex education and use of sexy underwear.As a market that is widely concerned, sexy underwear designers and manufacturers should provide users with more knowledge education and related use knowledge.

in conclusion

The current sex underwear market still needs to be continuously innovated.Designers need to pay more attention to the needs of consumers and different body types, provide more sexy lingerie styles suitable for the public, and improve the quality and comfort of underwear.Sex underwear designers and manufacturers should provide users with more related knowledge of sexy underwear, while paying attention to improving the actual value of sexy underwear.

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