The school requires wearing a fun jacket

The prospect of sex underwear on campus

In recent years, more and more schools have begun to manage students’ dressing and restrict their dress style.In these management regulations, more and more schools have begun to ask students to wear sexy underwear.Is this emerging phenomenon good or bad?What impact does it have?Let’s analyze the prospects of sexy underwear on campus.

The advantages of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is different from traditional underwear. It is more design and artistic, and more comfortable.For girls, wearing erotic underwear will bring them more confidence and charm.For boys, wearing erotic underwear will also improve their appearance and taste.This trendy underwear design can improve students’ aesthetic level and artistic accomplishment.

Disadvantages of sexy underwear

However, sexy underwear also has its disadvantages.Its price is higher than traditional underwear, and it is more troublesome to wash and maintain.In addition, wearing sexy underwear on campus can cause unnecessary controversy and attracting unnecessary attention, and have been ridiculed and criticized by other students.

The cultural background of sexy underwear

As a type of underwear, sexy underwear first appeared in European and American countries.Because the cultural atmosphere there is more free and open, the sexy underwear has also developed better.Now, underwear in Europe and the United States is generally accepted and even becomes a fashion trend.

The spread of sex underwear

In China, sexy underwear is blocked by traditional moral concepts and is difficult to be accepted by the public.But with the development of society and the exchange of culture, people began to accept this underwear, and it became a manifestation of fashion culture.As a type of fashion trend, the spread of sexy underwear is mainly carried out through various social networks and various fashion magazines.

School regulations on sexy underwear

On campus, the school has requirements for students’ dressing.At present, some schools have strictly limited the dressing of sexy underwear through various rules and regulations.These regulations are conducive to school supervision of students’ dressing and maintaining the social atmosphere and cultural image on campus.

Students’ views on sexy underwear

While accepting the school’s dressing regulations, students also have different views on sexy underwear.Some students think that wearing sexy underwear is a free expression and is in line with the development of fashion trends; while others think that wearing sexy underwear is an unstable performance, which can easily cause unnecessary disputes and misunderstandings.

Sex underwear and gender culture

The promotion of sexy underwear is also closely related to gender culture.Men and women’s culture is an unavoidable topic on campus, and sexy underwear, as a manifestation of gender culture, has naturally become part of school gender education.In the spread of sexy underwear knowledge, the school also has the responsibility to improve students’ gender consciousness and cultural accomplishment.

The status of sexy underwear in campus culture construction

In modern campus, it is important to build a healthy, positive and aggressive campus atmosphere.As a way of expression of fashion culture, sexy underwear must have its important position in campus culture construction.Schools should guide students to recognize sexy underwear correctly to avoid some misunderstandings and unnecessary actions. At the same time, they should also provide students with more opportunities to learn and experience sexy underwear.


In general, sexy underwear has important development prospects on campus, but schools and students should pay attention to advocating correct cultural values during their communication and use, so as to make outstanding contributions to campus culture construction.

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