The original God’s sexy underwear knows the article


Interest underwear is one of the dreams of many women’s hearts.It is no exception in the game of "Original God".When the characters in the game wear sexy sexy underwear, they are not only to pursue visual pleasure, but also to inspire people’s sexy.This article will introduce you to different types of erotic underwear in "Original God", so that you will understand these beautiful and sexy underwear.

The wonderful dance in flower and bird painting

The sexy underwear of the "Flower and Bird Roll" series is loved by many female players.These underwear are inspired by dance. They are made of exquisite handmade lace, and they also use a translucent style of painting to increase sexuality.These sexy underwear shows women’s beauty and slender.Pure and always a little sweet, the whole design is around dance, which is very charming.

Battle on the sword -head cliff

The sexy underwear of the "Jianfeng Li" series is welcomed by many male players.These underwear combined combat with sexy, and conveyed a strong determination.Put on these sexy underwear, you can feel that it will give you strength and courage, so that you are ready to fight.The design uses a variety of combat elements, and the color of black and red is very cool.

Tempting gun

The sexy underwear of the "Gunlin Stranger" series has a high degree of temptation.These underwear pursue elegance and elegance, and at the same time portray the waist lines and leg curves of women.Different from other series, the sexy underwear of the "Gunlin Strang" series is made of various materials (such as silk and leather), which further emphasizes elegance and maturity.

Romance in the night of the moon and night

The sexy underwear of the "Dream Moon" series is romantic.These underwear are made of lace and transparent materials, and the color adopted is relatively soft, showing women’s softness and beauty.When wearing it, it feels like the coolness of the face in the moonlight, the coolness of the face, comfortable and romantic.

Tower defense war

The sexy underwear of the "Under the Tower" series is the same as the tower defense mode in the game. It uses black and green color combinations, of which black is the main color.In design, these sexy underwear has both cold and sexy charm.This series is usually designed for women who like to pursue sex.

First love dedication

The fun underwear of the "Early Hearts" series is the sense of youth and first love.The color of these underwear is very soft, usually pink, light purple and grass green.The whole design looks very warm, and the design of dynamic elements makes people feel very fresh and soft.

Temptation of the depth of dusk

The sexy underwear of the "Twilight Phantom" series is ambiguous and tempting.These underwear usually use black and purple mixing colors and smooth design.The unique and soft material of the night make the whole design full of charm, showing the mystery and beauty of women.

Flower blooming of the sunrise oriental

The fun underwear of the "Xiaozhi Flower" series is fresh and sweet.These underwear usually use pink and light blue colors, and the entire design is very fresh and light.At the same time, there are all kinds of lace and sweet elements, which fully meet the sweet style that girls like.

Gorgeous summer shock

The fun underwear of the "Gorgeous Summer" series focuses on the feeling and restraint of summer.These underwear are not only sexy, but also for freedom.Made with thin materials to ensure comfort and coolness.The color is full and the pattern is exquisite. Different types of designs are used to meet different demands of summer.

in conclusion

Women’s wearing erotic underwear can not only increase visual victory, but also stimulate women’s confidence and sexy potential.Different erotic lingerie shows different charm, and the sexy underwear in "The original God" makes you fully experience a variety of different feelings and stimuli.

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