The novel of the male lead and the heroine’s sexy underwear

Male lead and female lead

The male and female lead is a salesperson and customer in a sexy underwear shop.The heroine was attracted by the frank personality and professional knowledge of the male lead, and the two began a romantic love.

The male lead sends the female lord’s sexy underwear

In order to make the female lead more sexy, the male lead gave her a set of sexy lingerie.The heroine later put on underwear to show a good figure and self -confidence, making their relationship deeper.

Two people playing SM

In order to seek new stimuli, the two chose to go to tropical islands for vacation and tried SM games.The male lead showed tough and dominant in this game, but also respected the wishes of the heroine.

The hostess puts on the temptation and emotional fun underwear

In the beautiful city of night, the female lead puts on the tempting and sexy underwear, showing a charming figure under the gaze of the male lead, making the male lead unable to extricate himself.

Sexy role -playing

In order to increase interest, the two stimulate the two sides through role -playing, and the male and female lead becomes more attached and intimate during the game.

Romantic flirting night

On a romantic evening, the male lead ignited a fragrant candle for the female lead.night.

Hiking travel to play SM

The male and female lead went to travel, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.In the surround of mountains and forests, the two started SM games, adding more interests and excitement to each other’s love.

Romantic wedding

On the basis of love each other, the two walked into the palace of marriage together. The male and female lead wearing the sexiest sexy underwear expressed their deep love and desire.

Favorite day

In the days in the future, the two lived together and experienced some difficulties and tests, but through mutual care and support, the love of the male and female lead is more deeper.

Interest underwear can not only increase the interests and stimuli of the lives of the two, but also the expression and display of the emotions of the two people, making the love of the male and female lead more happy and happy.

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