The heroine wears sexy underwear Xiaohuangwen

The heroine wears sexy underwear Xiaohuangwen

With the development of society, sexy underwear has gradually popularized and entered the lives of many people.From the original dating surprise to daily wear, sexy underwear has become one of the few things that can really make women feel beautiful and confident.The following will share a little Huang Wen who wears a sexy underwear to take you in -depth understanding of the world of love underwear.

1. The beginning of temptation

In the eyes of the rational heroine, the sexy underwear looks very sexy, but it is also tacky.However, her new boyfriend is going to see her. She wants to make the best impression, so she begins to search for sexy underwear online.

2. Browse selection

The heroine finds that there are many types of sexy underwear, including lace, stockings, sexy underwear, etc., with different shapes and colors.In her eyes, these designs look both irritating and terrible.She thinks that each one is beautiful, but only when choosing the right can play the biggest advantage.

3. Make a decision

After a few hours of browsing, the heroine found that a set of red sexy underwear is very suitable, so she orders the order with a try mentality.

4. Receive products

The hostess waited for a few days and finally received her sexy underwear.She couldn’t wait to open the box with a beautiful red sexy underwear in it, and a mirror was also placed in it.

5. Put on it

While watching the mirror, the heroine began to put on her sexy underwear.She feels that she looks very different, very sexy and attractive.She couldn’t imagine that she would wear this way at home, but this was a brand new, and she would soon face her boyfriend.

6. Welcome to boyfriend

When the boyfriend is here, the heroine looks very confident and beautiful.She wears underwear and looks more sexy than when she is formal.

7. Start of enthusiasm

My boyfriend likes the sexy underwear of the heroine very much, and prefers the heroine’s confidence and sexy when wearing.The two were in a happy mood and ushered in a beautiful night.

8. Daily life

The heroine wears a sexy underwear is not only to wear on special occasions, but she also realizes that this is a good opportunity for her self -confidence and sexy.As a result, she often wore sexy underwear, slowly adapting to this feeling and knowing her body and self -confidence.

9. Knowing your body

The hostess began to believe that erotic underwear is not only a fashion, but also promotes herself to better understand her body and feeling.The feeling of wearing a sexy underwear made her officially began to pay attention to her body and understand her needs.

10. Sexy innocence

In the end, the heroine found that sexy underwear was not so terrible, and wearing it can show her beauty and sexy.Perhaps women should always be confident and sexy. This is their rights without any guilt.


Wearing erotic underwear is not just to satisfy men, it can make women more confident and self -affirmation.Interest underwear is a way to express their beauty and sexy, and women should maintain their confidence and sexy at each level.

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