The erotic underwear made the lady buy

Types of sex underwear

Interest underwear has become a way for modern women to show their beauty, and it is also an indispensable part of sex life.There are many types of sexy underwear, but it can be divided into the following categories:

Sexy Lingerie

Binding underwear


role play

Falling underwear material

The material of sexy underwear is very important because it must also protect women’s health while ensuring comfort and sexy appearance.Here are some common sexy underwear materials:





Fairy underwear suitable for different bodies

The adaptability of sexy underwear is often closely related to the figure.The following are some sexy underwear for different figures:

Flat breasts: Choose an inflatable bras such as an inflatable bra.

Small children: Choose up and down underwear to separate or short design underwear.

Plum women: Choose to gather underwear that can fix the chest shape.

Suitable for sexy underwear on different occasions

The occasion of sexy underwear is very important, and the sexy underwear wearing different occasions will be different.Here are some sexy underwear for different occasions:

Sexy underwear: Suitable for private sex occasions between couples.

Bonded underwear: Suitable for SM games with partners.

Student uniforms: suitable for simulation campus love and other situations.

Role -playing: Suitable for imitating classic characters in film and television to play games.

The color of sexy underwear

The color of erotic underwear is very important, it can affect the feeling of the entire sexy underwear.Here are some other colors of sexy underwear color recommendations:

Black: sexy, mysterious.

Red: enthusiasm, desire, hot.

Purple: Advanced, mysterious.

Jiu red: showing temperament and maturity.

How to buy sexy underwear

Here are some issues that should be considered when buying sexy underwear:

Select the right size and pay attention to whether to support returns and exchanges.

The reputation of the brand and the reputation of the manufacturer are important.

Pay attention to privacy when buying.

How to maintain sexy underwear

Here are some issues that should be paid attention to some maintenance underwear:

It should be mainly hand -cleaned.

Do not use a strong cleaner.

Should choose dry cleaning.

You should avoid cooling.

Sex underwear matching

Here are some suggestions for sexy underwear:

Sexy underwear can be paired with high heels.

Best underwear can be paired with SM props such as leather whip.

Student uniforms can be paired with white stockings.

The role -playing can be paired with appropriate cosmetics.

The cultural background of sexy underwear

Interest underwear has been affected by many cultural backgrounds.Here are some cultural backgrounds of sexy underwear:

Europe and the United States: As a way of life, sexy underwear has been recognized by the public.

Asia: Interesting underwear, as a gift, is widely used in life, and is also disliked by some specific groups.

Viewpoint of sexy underwear

As a part of modern women’s lives, sexy underwear can show the beauty of women, but also enhance the fun of fun life.Although there are different cultural backgrounds and different personal physical conditions, this does not affect the important position of sexy underwear in today’s society.

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