The boss sends a sex lingerie article novel novel

first meet

My name is Xiaojuan, and I am a sexy underwear expert on an e -commerce platform.One day, my boss left me a note and asked me to go to his office.I am a little nervous because the boss is not always looking for me.However, I still walked into his office and saw that he handed me a red sexy underwear, and said with a smile, "This is a gift for you." I felt a little overwhelmed, but I still, I stillPick it down.

understand deeper

For the first time, I put on that red sexy underwear and felt like I had a different temperament.From that day, I fell in love with the field of sexy underwear.I started to understand various styles, materials and brands.I learned that sexy underwear is not just for sexy, but more to make women more confident and beautiful.

Meaning of gifts

The significance of the boss sent me sexy underwear is far more than that.I think this is his encouragement and affirmation of me.This has made me more firm my determination in this field, hoping to help more women through my own efforts and professional knowledge.

brand introduction

In the process of understanding love underwear, I found many different brands.Among them, I think Japan’s Calvin_Collections is a very good brand.Its sexy underwear is not only sexy, but more importantly, it focuses on details and materials, which can well modify the figure and show the beautiful curve of women.

Style introduction

For the style of sexy underwear, it is undoubtedly more attractive to sexy styles.For example, split type, wave edge, hollow design, etc. These styles can show women’s figure and beauty well.

Material Introduction

The material of sexy underwear is also very important.For those sensitive skin, natural cotton or silk underwear is a good choice.For those who want to show more sexy, lace, silk, polyester and other materials are more suitable.

Matching skills

Sex underwear can be paired with many different clothing.For example, leather skirts, tight jeans, deep V dresses, etc., can be matched with sexy underwear with a very individual style.

Favorite style

In so many different sexy lingerie styles, my favorite is the black split -style sexy underwear.This style is very sexy and can well highlight the beautiful and beautiful curve of women.And black itself is a very temperamental color, which makes people feel very mysterious.

Favorite brand

Of course, my favorite among various brands is Calvin_Collections.Each of its sexy underwear has fine details and materials.And Calvin_Collections’ sexy underwear is not only suitable for Japanese women, but also suitable for Chinese women.

Significance of sexy underwear

For me, sexy underwear is a sign that makes women more confident and more beautiful.Through professional knowledge and experience, I can provide opinions and suggestions for more women, let them find their own suitable sexy underwear brands and styles, and fully show their charm and beautiful figure.Therefore, I will work hard to learn and explore in this field to help more people.

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