Taobao sex lingerie shop avatar

Taobao sex lingerie shop avatar

1. The avatar is the facade of the sexy underwear shop

The shop avatar is the facade of the sexy underwear shop. Unlike ordinary commodity stores, the sexy underwear shop needs to be more sexy, desire, mystery and personality. You can display the characteristics of the store through the avatar.

2. Select avatars suitable for shop characteristics

When choosing a shop avatar, you need to consider the characteristics of the store. For example, it is biased towards fresh and cute, sexy temptation, role -playing, etc. If the store is mainly based on the European and American style, the character avatar of the European and American style can be selected.

3. Highlight the selling point

The avatar can also highlight the product selling point. For example, the store sells underwear. You can choose a model avatar with a wearing effect, so that customers can understand the characteristics and effects of the product more intuitively.

4. Avoid explication and excitement

Interest underwear is a sensitive product. It is necessary to consider the customer’s feelings. The avatar should not be too explicit and excited. It must display the characteristics of product characteristics.

5. Follow the platform regulations

Avatar of Taobao’s relevant regulations does not allow the contents of pornographic violence, inducing unfair behaviors, etc. The shop avatar should comply with the platform regulations, otherwise it will be disabled.

6. High -definition quality pictures

Shop avatar needs to choose pictures of high -definition quality, so that the avatar looks more beautiful and comfortable, and can also enhance customers to buy confidence.

7. Relatively stable avatar

Shop avatars should not be replaced frequently. Replacement of too frequent avatars will affect the store image and customer purchase willingness. It is recommended that the avatar replacement cycle should not be shorter than one quarter.

8. Unified style with the inside page of the store

The shop avatar needs to be unified with the style of the inside page of the store, and cooperate with the overall beauty of the store.If the store style is European and American style, but the avatar is fresh and cute avatar, it will contrary to the store style.

9. Unification with brand logo

The shop avatar needs to be unified with the brand logo. Brand logo is the representative of the store. Integration with the shop avatar allows customers to better identify and memory stores.

10. It should not be too complicated

Shop avatar should not be too complicated. Too complex avatars can make customers feel impatient and tired. The simple and clear avatar can better display the beauty of the store.

in conclusion:

The shop avatar is the facade of the sex underwear shop. It must meet the characteristics of the store, highlight the product selling point, follow the platform’s regulations, choose pictures of high -definition quality, relatively stable avatars, uniformly uniformly uniformly uniformly with the page style and brand logo of the store, and should not be too complicated.

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