Taobao is not recommended to watch fun underwear

1 Introduction

With the popularity and development of the Internet, we can buy various products without leaving home, including sexy lingerie.However, you need to pay attention to some issues when buying sexy underwear on Taobao. This article will introduce the risks and precautions for you.

2. Product quality cannot be guaranteed

The price of sexy underwear on Taobao is usually cheaper than physical stores, but the cost is difficult to guarantee.Some erotic underwear may cause adverse reactions to the skin, and some may have flaws such as line heads and claws.

3. Uniform size

The problem of sexy underwear on Taobao is more common, and the size of different products and different sellers has a large difference.This will cause the sexy underwear you can buy is not matched with your own shape, and the comfort is poor.Therefore, it is best to communicate with the seller to confirm whether the size is appropriate before buying.

4. Different batch differences are large

Because sexy underwear on Taobao is usually operated by individual sellers, there may be large differences between different batches of the same commodities, including fabrics, details, versions, and so on.If you pay great attention to quality and appearance, it is recommended to check the seller’s evaluation and physical pictures before buying.

5. The actual effect does not match the picture

The sexy underwear pictures on Taobao will be modified by pictures and Meitu software. The actual effect may be different from the picture.Some sexy underwear will also add special effects, such as lighting, filters, etc., making it difficult for buyers to judge the actual effect.Therefore, it is best to observe the physical pictures and product introduction carefully before buying.

6. There are risks of non -spot purchasing.

Some Taobao sellers sell overseas sex underwear brands by purchasing, but there are great risks in this non -spot purchasing.Due to personal behavior, sellers may not be able to guarantee supply and quality, or there may be problems such as out of stock and deduction.Therefore, it is best to choose official channels or credible buyers for overseas sex underwear.

7. Brand authorization is unknown

On Taobao, we can see the sexy underwear of many well -known brands, but in many cases, it is impossible to determine whether the seller has brand authorization.These non -authorized sales of sexy underwear may be virtual brands and the quality of replica are not good, and there are certain risks.Therefore, it is best to check the seller’s information, evaluation and related certificates before buying.

8. Privacy cannot be guaranteed

To buy sexy underwear on Taobao, you need to leave personal privacy such as receiving addresses and contact information.Some sellers will harass and sell buyer information.Therefore, it is recommended not to leave too much personal information when buying, and carefully check the seller’s evaluation and credit.

9. The cost performance is not high

Although the price of sexy underwear on Taobao is relatively cheap, from the perspective of quality, brand, after -sales, etc., the price / performance ratio is not very high.To buy sexy underwear, you need to consider quality and practical factors, and the advantage on Taobao is mainly in terms of price.Therefore, it is recommended to do a good job of market research and choose the right product before buying.

10. Summary

Although the price of sexy underwear on Taobao is seductive, you need to pay attention to the quality, size, brand authorization, practical effect and other issues before buying. Do not just value the price and ignore the actual value and quality of the product.Adopting the above measures can improve the success rate of buying sexy underwear and avoid unnecessary trouble and loss.

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