Taiwan Wanglai Fun Underwear Show


In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular. Therefore, as early as 2011, Taiwan began to host Wanglai sex underwear show.Wanglai Infusion Underwear Show is one of the more well -known and large -scale sexy underwear shows in Taiwan. Every year, many audiences come to watch.Next, I will introduce some of the highlights of Wang Lai’s sexy lingerie show.

creative design

Wanglai Fun Underwear Show focuses on creative design, and has different themes every year.According to the theme, the designer will design a unique sexy lingerie style, showing different styles and temperament.Some underwear design will also be integrated into the popular elements of the year, making clothing closer to the times.

Diversified style

The variety of sexy underwear displayed by Wanglai Fun underwear show is very rich, including a variety of styles: sexy, romantic, fresh, retro, etc.Both young girls and mature women can find their favorite style here.At the same time, the model’s figure is also very diverse, showing the beauty of various figures.


In addition to sexy underwear shows, Wanglai sex underwear show will also increase performance.Various performances, including dance, music, magic and other programs.These performances brought more laughter and surprises, and increased the atmosphere of the entire show.

Creative prop

In order to increase the fun of the underwear display, Wanglai Fun underwear show will also use creative props to display underwear.For example, in a modern space -themed show, the models are holding Louis Vuitton’s suitcase in their hands, and the sexy underwear wears shows the style of the future era.

Fantasy music

Music is used in the show session. It first allows people to enter the lively and festive atmosphere that people feel felt in Taiwan. At the same time, music can also make people more into the atmosphere of the show.Essence

Taiwanese atmosphere

Wanglai Infusion Underwear Show can show the characteristics of Taiwan, allowing tourists to understand Taiwan culture more in depth. In addition, the Wanglai Info Underwear Show has created Taiwan’s birthplace to become the birthplace of Asian underwear design and manufacturing.

Propaganda effect

Wanglai Fun Underwear Show is also a good way to publicize, showing Taiwan’s characteristics, conveying design creativity, and creating brands.At the same time, it has also attracted many tourists from home and abroad to come to watch. For tourists who come to Taiwan, the quality of tourism will be improved upwards.


Because of its diverse design and professional production, Wanglai Infusion Disorders has become one of the important indicators leading the global underwear trends.It not only made the industry’s deep intoxication of the infinite creation of underwear design, but also challenged the audience’s traditional understanding of underwear, and caused the discussion and insights of underwear aesthetics.

Point of view

The success of Wanglai Infusion Underwear Show has greatly promoted the cultural tourism industry and underwear manufacturing industry in Taiwan.At the same time, it integrates unique creativity and art, showing the perfect performance of various styles of sexy underwear, showing the world’s cultural and creative potential to the world, and becoming one of the benchmarks for the design and manufacturing of the world’s underwear.

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