Taboo for buying sexy underwear

Don’t understand your figure

For sexy underwear, the appropriate size is very critical.If you buy the fun underwear size is not suitable, it will not only affect the overall beauty, but also bring discomfort and inconvenience.In order to avoid this situation, you must understand your body size, and then select the appropriate sexy underwear according to the size table.

Ignore comfort

Sexy is not equal to discomfort.Many people often only consider appearance when they buy sexy underwear, and ignore comfort.However, sexy underwear is a clothes worn on the body, and you should never sacrifice the wearing experience in exchange for aesthetics.Some brands call "everything for beauty", not only not beautiful, but it is very troublesome.Seeking truth from facts, you should pay attention to comfort when choosing a sexy underwear, so that your body is always in a healthy and comfortable state.

Don’t understand your personality and temperament

Personality and temperament are the most significant parts of everyone. Interests of sex and temperament underwear can only experience its beauty without unique dress charm.Buy sex underwear to have your own style, and you cannot follow the waves.And this style, the first element is your inner temperament.This temperament contains both qualifications and habits.The posture and habits and personal temperament have inextricable hooks. You can’t force yourself to wear some sexy underwear with your own temperament.

Blind matching and not on the occasion

Interest underwear is generally worn in private places, but many people do not know how to match them, and may have amazing wear effects.When we wear sexy underwear, we must pay attention to the environment of matching. Different situations must have different requirements.You can wear more sexy at home, and you should choose a more decent when going to a business party.

Blind pursuit of market popularity

The market has popular sizes, popular colors, and popular styles. The trend of these sexy underwear can indeed be referred to, but it cannot be too pursuing popularity.After all, everyone’s body and temperament are different, nor can they blindly follow the trend because others look good.Therefore, buying sexy underwear must be considered according to your actual situation.

Relief at low prices and fast delivery

Good erotic underwear will not be too cheap. If the price sold on the Internet is especially lower than the market price, then you must carefully consider the consequences of "cheap and no good goods".After all, the clothes you will wear on your body are your privacy space, and you must not ignore the quality of the product because of greed for small cheap.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you still need to pay attention to the certification of good brands and merchants.

Ignore material selection

The material of sexy underwear is also critical.High -quality underwear materials can reduce the negative effects on skin and health, and high -quality materials are more long -lasting due to their stable texture.Under normal circumstances, SPANDEX, which is cotton, is a commonly used material in the sex underwear industry and is more trustworthy.

Ignore flower temperament

Interest underwear is not only a fashion element that every woman must have, but also a good product that tends to show different personalities.When choosing a sexy underwear, according to your own characteristics, you should clearly make the temperament that you want to communicate and choose the appropriate flower type.For example, sexy underwear with satin edge or lace lace can show softness and gracefulness, while retro grids and symbolic patterns have unique retro temperament.

Ignore the brand

Sometimes brands can represent quality, services, and reputation.Therefore, when choosing your sexy underwear, you should also look at the brand.In particular, some brands have excellent performance in the production and coating process of sexy underwear, and because of their tailor -made experience, such as Victoria’s secrets, Labelle and Fifty Shades of Gray, these brands have received many products of these brands.Buyer’s praise.

Forgot your needs

In the end, it is not the least important. When buying sexy underwear, you must think about your own needs.For example, if you need to find some underwear wearing special occasions such as weddings, honeymoon, birthday or Valentine’s Day, your purchase standards must change.Forgot your actual needs, do not consider your purchase purpose, the result of the final purchase may be very different from the effect you want, and even have to find suitable sexy underwear again.

In general, buying sexy underwear also requires skills.Only with reasonable choices can we wear comfort and show a perfect figure and temperament.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you need to consider your situation more and choose the more sexy underwear that is more suitable for you.

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