T file butterfly stall sex underwear

T file butterfly stall sex underwear


Interesting underwear, as an important part of sexual supplies, is not limited to sexy and teasing, but also highlights the beauty and confidence of women.Among them, the T -gear butterfly stall sexy underwear is favored by women, so the detailed introduction to this can provide more references for enthusiasts.

What is T gear butterfly file sexy underwear

Trite butterfly stall sex underwear is a sexy underwear that combines butterfly stalls and T -shaped pants. The effect after putting on is naturally sexy and hot, which is very suitable for flirting and teasing for the sex of two people.In addition, compared with traditional sexy underwear, the T -gear butterfly stall has a more unique design and use method, which is more interesting and fun.

Way of matching

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There are many ways to match the sexy lingerie of the Trodie butterfly file. Generally speaking, you can use it with sexy socks, high heels and other accessories, or experience with other sex products.In addition, women can match DIY according to their own figure characteristics and personal preferences to create a more personality style.

Choose the main points

When choosing the Trodie butterfly stall sex underwear, the important points are the following: 1. The fabric should be soft, comfortable, fit and close;Don’t be too big or too small, at the same time, it must be elastic.


Although the butterfly file of the T -gear, although the sexy underwear is simple, there are some matters that need attention when wearing: 1. The occasions and time you wear should be selected at appropriate, avoiding safety threats in public places; 2. Do not over -challenge yourselfThe physical tolerance, such as too tight or wearing for a long time, will cause discomfort.


In order to extend the life of the T -gear butterfly stall, cleaning and maintenance is important.When cleaning, the underwear wasolation can be isolated from mixing with other clothing with other clothes. It is best to use hand washing to avoid adding strong alkaline chemicals such as bleach during the cleaning process.In terms of daily protection, the sun should be avoided, and should not be inlaid with chest steel, and it should be kept dry at the same time.

For people

Although the T -gear butterfly stall has a unique design of the underwear, it has no clear restrictions on the applicable people.Female friends can choose the style and specifications that suits them according to their preferences, provided that underwear can fit their figure and curve.


market trend

In the sexual supplies market in recent years, the demand for the sexy underwear of the T -gear butterfly stall has been rising, which may be attributed to its unique design and good comfort, and the popular word of mouth.For the online sales platform, buying a butterfly stall sexy underwear is more convenient and affordable, because it is worth looking forward to allowing female friends to get full choices.

How to match my boyfriend amazing

In addition to the regular matching method, you can also stun the boyfriend through the following methods: 1. With stockings or net socks, the new color and texture combination is more charm; 2. With a sexy lace skirt to create a charming temperament;3. Piece underwear with high heels, sexy and aura.


The design of sexy underwear is an art, and the T -gear butterfly stall sex underwear is one of the more popular categories.In the process of buying and dressed, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the underwear style, your own physical characteristics, and other factors.However, after the experience is completed, the T -gear butterfly stall sex underwear can bring confidence and beauty to women. It is also a sex supplies designed for women. The experience is more professional. This is also the beautiful expectations of female friends.