Super plump big size sexy underwear show super clear

Super plump big size sexy underwear show super clear

Super plump big size sexy underwear show super clear


As a person who has been concerned about sexy underwear for many years, I deeply realize that not all women in the market can find sexy underwear suitable for them.This time I recommend a few super -rich and large -size sexy underwear for large size women, hoping to give them more choices.

Brand Guide: Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is a brand that provides underwear and fashion clothing specifically for large size women.Their sex lingerie is also the gospel of large size women.It is recommended that their lace perspective dress fully considers the support of cups and chests, and uses high -quality materials, comfort and sexuality coexist.

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Comfort and support: Elomi

For large -size women, comfort and support are very important.The Elomi brand is well versed in this. Their sexy underwear design pays great attention to the support of cups and shoulder straps. At the same time, it uses soft materials to enhance the comfort of underwear.What I recommend is their red short -sleeved corset, which uses the design of deep V and thin materials to make your figure look charming.

Retro style: What Katie DID

What Katie Did is a brand dedicated to respected the retro style of the 1950s.In their sexy lingerie series, you will find several choices for large -size women’s design.For example, their black bra and high -waisted underwear suits not only show the charm of female kung fu, but also the comfort is also very good.

Beauty of lace: Adore ME

Adore ME is a sexy underwear brand that focuses on lace and perspective fabrics.Their large -size female series is also exquisite, especially their lace triangle panties. The lace texture is very good and can show the sexy charm of women.And their price is also very close to the people.

Gathering abdomen: Panache

A problem that many large -size women are facing is how to cover up the small fat on the waist and belly.Panache’s erotic underwear is designed specifically for this problem. Their styles have thin belts and local abdominal materials, which can make your abdomen look tighter and stylish.

Wide shoulder straps are both sexy: wonderbra

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For large breasts, the support of wide shoulder straps is essential.Wonderbra’s sexy underwear is designed with wide shoulder straps and sexy complementarity, allowing women to get rid of the embarrassment of the shoulders because of too loose.Their black lace corset is also very charming.

Texture and color: Pour Moi

Pour Moi is a brand dedicated to presenting high -quality materials and gorgeous colors for large -size women.Their sexy underwear is very soft, and the designer also pays great attention to the color matching, allowing women to shine after wearing their underwear.

Perspective space: HIPS and Curves

HIPS and Curves is not only a brand dominated by large size women, but also a strong faction in sexy underwear.Their perspective style is very artistic, such as their perspective dresses, underwear and corset suits, which are very visual impact.


Regardless of your body shape, you have the right to put on beautiful underwear.I hope that through this article, more large -size women can understand the beauty of sexy underwear, and can find a choice that suits you, showing a more perfect self.