Sunn wears a fun underwear video

Sunn wears a fun underwear video

Sunn wears a fun underwear video

Sunn is a beautiful woman who is enthusiastic about love underwear. She shared a video of her own lingerie on social media.Interest underwear can not only increase the taste of husband and wife, but also increase the self -confidence of women.In this video, Su En wore several different types of sexy underwear and introduced some skills and precautions for purchasing sexy underwear.Below, let’s take a look at the content of her video.

1. Black lace sexy underwear

Black lace erotic underwear is Sunn’s favorite one. She chose a style with a shoulder strap to better show her figure.This sexy underwear is characterized by the mixing of bright silk and lace, which not only looks sexy, but also has high comfort.You can wear it before going to bed to make yourself feel more comfortable.

2. Net yarn transparent sexy underwear

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Sunn puts on a white mesh transparent sexy underwear. This sexy underwear is usually composed of transparent materials and lace.Transparent materials can better show the beautiful curve of women’s figure, and lace can make sexy underwear more elegant.This sexy underwear is suitable for various occasions, which gives people a sexy and elegant.

3. Butterfly knotting sexy underwear

As the name implies, the bow of the butterflies will be decorated like a bow.Sunn put on a pink butterfly knot sexy underwear. There are two fluffy bows on the chest of the clothing, and it looks very cute with bright silk.This sexy underwear not only increases the cute temperament of young people, but also increases the fun and romantic atmosphere of intimate relationships.

4. Even body fun underwear

Even the sexy underwear is a complete lace mask connected suit, which is composed of bra, pantyhose and shaped dress.Compared with other sexy underwear, the advantage of body sexy underwear is that it is very tight and can better highlight the body curve of women.It can also improve skin tone and make the legs look longer.

5. Sweet suite underwear

Sunn put on a pink sweet suit underwear. This sexy underwear is usually composed of bra and trousers.There are many pink details on the clothing, which looks very gentle and cute.This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for various occasions, which gives people a sweet and sexy.

6. Skills to choose sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, the first element is comfort.In the case of uncomfortable body, it doesn’t make sense to wear.Therefore, pay attention to the comfort of the fabric when buying.Second, pay attention to matching.Colors, styles, fabrics, etc. are consistent with their preferences and figures.Finally, pay attention to finishing work.Good erotic underwear is often very detailed in the details.


7. How to wear a sexy underwear correctly

Different types of sexy lingerie are different. You need to pay attention to the position of straps, bra and pantyhose when wearing.Be cautious when wearing pantyhose to avoid breaking the fabric.When wearing a bra, pay attention to the appropriateness of loosening, otherwise it is easy to cause discomfort.In general, wearing sexy underwear requires skills and methods, and you need to explore slowly in practice.

8. How to maintain sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a very delicate clothing and requires special maintenance methods.Generally, it is necessary to wash it with warm water to prohibit the use of washing machines.It is recommended to change to wear in various cases to avoid the aging of clothing quickly.After washing, keep the clothing dry and clean to extend the service life.


Sunn’s video shows us different types of sexy underwear, as well as how to buy and wear sexy underwear.Sex underwear can help women show self -confidence, sexy and romantic.The correct purchase and maintenance method will help you enjoy the fun of sexy underwear for a long time.