Small Shou Wearing Fun Underwear BLH

The charm of the small supersonic lingerie BLH

Interest underwear is not just the accessories at the time of date, it has also become a way for modern young people to seek fun.For Xiao Shou, sexy underwear has special charm and can bring some different experiences.

What is Xiao Shou?

Xiao Shou is a character type in BL novels, which refers to male characters with younger and weak attack power.At the same time, this role is also full of soft temperament and is more likely to be caring for care.

Why is sexy underwear suitable for small suits?

Small sufferings usually have a soft image and thin figure. Wearing sexy underwear can create a more gorgeous and sexy image.In this atmosphere, the soft image of the small suffering may also become more relaxed and confident, and can attract the attention of attack.

Recommended style

For Xiao Shou, the cup does not need to be too large, but it needs to be able to emphasize the chest curve.Both lace fabric and retro lace design can enhance the romantic atmosphere.At the same time, accessories such as crotch panties, bow stockings, etc. can also increase the balance between cuteness and sexy.

Choose SIZE that suits you

Size is very important for sexy underwear, and it cannot highlight the advantages of the figure when it is too large or too small.For Xiao Shou, if your height is not tall, it is recommended to choose some styles that can increase leg length.In addition, pay attention to the combination of the length of the shoulder straps and the size of the bust to avoid tightening and discomfort.

What can I bring in sexy underwear?

Putting on sex underwear can not only be more feminine, but also improve self -confidence.For Xiao Shou, it can bring some experiences that get rid of reality and enter fantasy.At the same time, at that moment, some unusual surprises were added to the interaction between attack and reception.

Pay attention to hygiene issues

Underwear is an item that is directly exposed to the body, and hygiene is important.Wash it immediately after each use, so that bacteria should not be breed on underwear.If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to put it in a ventilated and dry place to avoid accumulating dust and deterioration.

Interest underwear is not just a simple decoration at dating

Sexy underwear also plays an important role in sex.If you want to experience a deeper experience, try to make sexy underwear a entry -level toy.Of course, it is necessary to ensure safety and consent before that.

Try different styles

Interest underwear can have many different shapes. Some parts such as leather whip or high heels can also become the key to creating a different sexy image.If you are a small one and have tried some single styles, you can consider gradually trying other different matching methods, which may have unexpected gains.

Personal experience

It feels wonderful when wearing sexy underwear.Although it won’t be very glorious, it can make me more confident and satisfied.However, if you overdraw your economic ability to buy sexy underwear, it is not worth it.After all, in addition to buying sexy underwear, there are many more important things that need money.


Interest underwear is a way to enhance feelings between small and attack, and it can also bring sexy and self -confidence.However, while enjoying this fun, hygiene, security and economic benefits must be kept in mind.Finally, I wish all friends in their feelings and life in their feelings and happiness.

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