Sexy underwear trial penetration of live video

Sexy underwear trial penetration of live video

Sexy underwear trial penetration of live video

When we buy sexy underwear, the ultimate goal is to put on them to feel sexy and confident.But when buying online, it is difficult to understand the real results.Therefore, the real -life video of sexy underwear has become an increasingly popular choice.In order to allow everyone to better understand this trend, this article will introduce the advantages of sexy underwear to try on real -life videos, and how to make a useful trial video.

Video can show the effect of sexy underwear

The biggest obstacle to trying through sexy underwear is that they cannot accurately know what they look like in the body.Model photos may be repaired, and handicrafts are really bad.Since the video is real -time, you can see the actual effect of sexy underwear in the body.For buyers, this will be more accurate and more convincing.

Video can help display multiple angles

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A good sexy underwear trial video should shoot sexy underwear from multiple angles.For buyers, this will give them a fully understanding of the true and complete perspective of love underwear.These angles can include front, side, back, tightness and relaxation.

Video can accurately display the size

Size in sex underwear often has errors, but with videos, you can better understand whether the wearable effect is appropriate.For buyers, this will reduce the number of times to try to replace the size and reduce freight costs.For sellers, this can also better understand the size and quality of love underwear.

Video can increase the visibility of the official website

Video of trying to wear sexy underwear is very attractive, especially sharing on social media.If the shopping website can display videos, customer traffic will increase, and the transaction volume will be higher.The website will also truly show erotic underwear, which will increase the degree of trust in your customer.

Video can increase conversion rate

Buying sexy underwear on the Internet is not like a physical store, and you cannot feel the effect of wearing.Sex underwear trials can break through this restriction.This will increase the conversion rate and increase sales.

Make video points

Pay attention to the following points to make sexy underwear trial: The following points:


1. Choose the right model to make the model figure in line with the public’s aesthetics and body proportion.

2. The correct light is crucial.Select the right light lamps and make sure that the light distribution is within the range of camera shooting.

3. Make a script.This will help you better organize the process to ensure that you get the materials you need; this will also help setting the shooting framework and angle.

4. Video editing is the key to making trial -through videos.Use the target video editing software to specialize in your video and high quality.

in conclusion

Video of trying through sexy underwear has brought positive changes in the shopping experience.Because it can better understand the actual size and effect of love underwear, and can increase the trust of the buyer on the website, and at the same time increase the traffic and sales of the website.Making a real -life video can help expand the influence and market share of merchants.