Sexy underwear traction rope picture appreciation

Sexy underwear traction rope picture appreciation

Interest underwear leading rope picture appreciation

Sex underwear traction rope is a special sexual product that can be used after wearing sexy underwear.It can make people experience stronger and more satisfactory stimuli in sex.The following will introduce several different types of erotic underwear leading rope and attach some pictures for appreciation.

Ordinary traction rope

Ordinary traction ropes are the most basic and common types.It is composed of a rope that can be tied to the wearer’s body through the corresponding links of sexy underwear (usually wearing it).When using it, you can make the body some subtle stimuli through fine pull.The picture shows some styles of ordinary leading rope, and the color and length are different.

Handcuff traction rope

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Handcuffed traction rope is a handcuff design on the basis of ordinary traction rope.It allows the wearer’s handcuffs to be fixed on both sides of the body without affecting the body’s movement.This erotic underwear traction rope allows people to experience some similar restraints.The picture shows some handcuffs traction ropes, and the color and material selection are also different.

Rest -type traction rope

The restraint traction rope is a sexual product that allows the wearer’s hands or feet to be fixed.It usually has multiple ropes that can pass through the wrist or ankle of the wearing, and then fix the other end on the body.This erotic underwear traction rope can make people’s body extremely limited and experience the feeling of controlling control.The picture shows several restraint traction ropes, choosing different quantities and lengths, bringing different experiences to people.

Fancy style traction rope

After popularizing the basic style, the sexy underwear of various creative styles has continued to emerge.They are often bright and unique in shape, which can increase the visual experience and interest of the wearer.The picture shows some fancy traction ropes.

Precautions for using sex underwear to lead the rope

Although the nature of interesting activities is private and highly personal, it still needs to pay attention to security and comfort.When selecting or using a sexy underwear to lead the rope, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

Choose products that are more environmentally friendly and antibacterial.

Moderate hardness, not too squeezing or force.

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The size and length should be matched with the size of the body size and the sexy underwear.

Before use, you must clean and disinfection to avoid infection.

In the process of using, pay attention to keeping awake, avoid excessive irritation, and cause damage.

After the fun activities, clean up the sexual underwear traction rope in time, and place it in a dry and ventilated place.

Viewpoint: Infusion underwear leading rope is an important part of sex products

As a kind of sexy underwear traction rope, while providing fun and enjoyment, it also provides people with a new sex theme -sex activity.By wearing sexy underwear and combined with the distinctive elements of traction ropes, people can further enjoy stimulation and reduce psychological resistance in fun activities.Therefore, sexy underwear leading rope is an important part of sex products, and we should further understand and actively use them.