Sexy underwear three -point conjoined rope art

Sexy underwear three -point conjoined rope art

Sexy underwear three -point conjoined rope art

The design and production of sexy underwear are becoming more and more innovative. In order to meet the needs of consumers, designers often look for inspiration from traditional aesthetic and cultural elements and add it to the design of underwear.One of the more special designs is the three -point conjoined art of sexy underwear.

The concept of three -point conjunction

The three -point conjoined body refers to the underwear composed of three parts: the top of the upper body, the briefs of the lower body, and the thin ropes connected to the two. By adjusting the contraction and relaxation of the thin rope, it can freely control the tightness and tightness of the underwear to a certain extentHow to wear.

The function and characteristics of rope art

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Rope art is a design element that uses ropes and knot ropes in sexy underwear.The rope can be used for various occasions such as restraint, fixing, and decoration, and there are many ways to process the rope processing process and knot rope, which can create a colorful and unique personality effect.

Strike style one: harmonious fine rope

The fine rope is a kind of rope art, known for its clean, simple and elegant style.It will outline the curve of the body with a relatively thin brown hemp rope, exposing part of the back to make the body line softer and smooth.

Strike style two: European and American thick and thin rope

The European and American thick and thin ropes use black and red such as black and red ropes, showing a more powerful and cold -feeling effect, which can make people feel sexy and authoritative temperament.

Strike style three: decorate thin rope

Decorating fine rope is a relatively novel rope style style. It can decorate various accessories, pendants, etc. on the fine rope, creating a more artistic atmosphere. When the thin rope passes through the body, it will present a unique sense of beauty.Essence


Although the three -point conjoined rope skills are very beautiful, you need to pay attention to the following aspects when you wear:


Be sure to choose a size that conforms to your body, not too tight or loose.

Insert a thin rope in the right position, don’t stray too tightly or to twist your body.

When wearing funny, don’t try to excessively win the gesture of wins, so as not to cause physical damage.


The three -point conjoined rope art is a creative sexy underwear design. The thin rope elements can create a unique style, but at the same time, you also need to pay attention to the correct way of dressing and use.Only in the right situation of wearing can we feel the sexy, elegant and uniqueness it emitted.