Sexy underwear SM novels

Sexy underwear SM novels

Sexy underwear SM novels


SM is a sexual gameplay and one of the main use scenarios of sexy underwear.Many people are curious and fantasies about SM, and sexy underwear is one of the essential props in SM games.This article will use the fun underwear SM novel as the theme to introduce some representative sexy underwear SM novels, and unveil the mystery of SM.

"Binding Goddess"

In this story, the heroine was tied to the bed, wearing mouthballs and eye masks, and wearing a full set of skin -made sex underwear.Her owner punished her slightly, then brought her a vibration stick, and gradually strengthened the strength of the vibration until the heroine reached a climax.Throughout the process, the heroine was completely unable to control her body and was completely immersed in the master’s control.

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"Training Maid"

The heroine is a young and beautiful maid. Her owner asked her to wear a set of black lace sexy underwear at any time, and she had to wear neck circles and handcuffs.The heroine accepted this arrangement obediently and accepted the host’s various training and punishment.In the end, the heroine was tuned into the maid of the master’s completely controlled.

"Block Queen"

This is a explicit erotic underwear SM novel.The heroine is a heavy SM enthusiast. Her owner asked her to wear a set of tight -fitting sexy lingerie and stuffed the mouthball into her mouth.The owner conducted various strict training and tunnels to the heroine, making her completely lost her freedom.In the end, the heroine was completely controlled by the owner and could not extricate himself.

"Droming Frenzy"

The heroine of this story is a sex lunatic. Her master asked her to wear a milk -lustful red color sexy underwear in each SM game.The owner conducted a variety of strange punishment and training of the heroine, allowing her to reach a extreme climax.In the end, the heroine had a kind of abuse plot to the owner, and she longed for more stringent punishment and control.

"Escape Game"

The heroine and her master played a escape game. During the entire game, the heroine wore only a black stockings and high -heeled shoes.The owner continued to impose various punishments and challenges to the heroine, so that she continued to struggle and suffer in the game.In the end, the heroine successfully escaped the control of the master, but she has become a loyal enthusiast of SM games.

"Dream Master"

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This is a sexy underwear SM novel that reflects the relationship between the Lord.The heroine is a beautiful maid, and her master is a mysterious rich man.The owner kept issuing various orders to the heroine and sent her to various tasks.The heroine never left her master, serving him wholeheartedly.

"Extreme Control"

In this story, the heroine is completely controlled by the owner.She wore different styles of sexy underwear every day to do different things.The owner conducted various sex games and tuning to the heroine, allowing her to continuously enhance the consciousness and control the desire.In the end, the heroine completely became the slave of the master, and had no complaints for his life.

"Blue Fantasy"

This is an excellent scene of erotic underwear SM novels.The heroine wore a blue sexy underwear and experienced a new SM experience.She has an unprecedented pleasure and satisfaction with her control and punishment.In the end, the heroine reached the extreme state of physical and mental and became a real SM player.

"Love of the Night"

This is a mysterious sexy underwear SM novel.The heroine was brought into a dark room by the owner, wearing a black leather sexy underwear, and conducting various strange SM games with the owner.The owner continued to impose various punishments and challenges to the heroine, allowing her to experience unprecedented stimulus and pleasure.In the end, the heroine was completely obsessed with the owner and yearned for a more intense SM game.

in conclusion

Interesting underwear SM novels are full of mystery, excitement, and pleasure, they show people a kind of extreme desire and search for sex.Although SM games are not suitable for everyone, we can understand the diversity and richness of sex.Regardless of whether you accept SM games, you must respect the choice and rights of others, cherish, experience your life, and live well.