Sexy underwear selfie wild

Sexy underwear selfie wild

Sexy underwear selfie wild

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear has become a choice for many women.In the wild shooting, this method can not only add interest, but also enhance the fun of taking pictures.Here are the ways and precautions of the sexy underwear self -portrait in the erotic underwear I introduce to you.

Choose the right venue

It is important to choose a suitable venue.It is best to choose a beautiful scenery to make your photos more visually impact.Shooting in urban parks or beaches is a good choice.But at the same time, pay attention to the venue not to be too crowded, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

With the right sexy underwear

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With the appropriate erotic underwear, you can improve the effect of the camera, but you need to match it according to your body and temperament, and don’t follow the trend blindly.The three -point style is very popular, but if you have a bad figure, choosing other styles will be more suitable.

Pay attention to your own safety

Field shooting needs to pay special attention to its own safety.First of all, wear appropriate shoes, try not to choose high heels to avoid accidents such as falling.At the same time, pay attention to hygiene, keep yourself dry and comfortable, and do not choose a place that is too desolate to avoid danger.

Shooting angle and posture

When shooting, you can stand, sit, and lie in various postures, but pay attention to covering key parts.At the same time, you can also try a variety of different angles, such as leaping, leaning, side shooting, etc. to achieve more artistic results.

Treatment of light and color

Choosing the right light can increase the sharpness and color reduction of the photo.Avoid the shooting time of the shooting too strong or dim, adjust your posture and angle to achieve the ideal photo effect.

Use props reasonably

When shooting, you can use props to enrich the theme of photos.For example, you can choose sexual products such as stockings, high heels, eye masks, etc. to enhance your feelings.

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Post -processing

After taking the photos, the photos need to be processed later. It is best to use some high -quality photo processing software for processing.Adjusting color tone, editing and other operations can make the photo more artistic and textured.

Display mode

After the photos are taken, you must want to show the display.You can choose to upload your photos to the social platform to display, or you can choose to share with the other half at home, which can increase the feelings while increasing the relationship between the two people.


In short, sexy lingerie selfies can indeed increase more fun and interest.However, you need to pay attention to your own safety, choose the right venue and match the appropriate sexy underwear.At the same time, you can also make photos more artistic through a reasonable use of angle, light, props, and later processing.