Sexy underwear production machine video tutorial

Sexy underwear production machine video tutorial

Introduce sexy underwear making machines

Interesting underwear making machines are a device for automated sexy underwear. It helps designers to convert the design drawings into complete underwear production, and can save a lot of artificial time and energy.


Before starting to use sexy underwear to make machines, we need to prepare some necessary materials, such as fabrics, lace, needle wires, elastic bands, and underwear accessories.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the machine has been preheated and debugged various parameters to ensure the accuracy and continuity of the production process.

Placed fabric

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Place the fabric on the work platform of the sexy underwear making machine, and place a protective pad under the working platform to avoid scratching or damage to the working platform.And set the initial position of the machine head.

Positioning fabric

After putting the fabric on the work platform, we need to position it accurately under the machine’s head.During the positioning process, the fabric is needed to be flat and neat, so as not to occur during the production process.

Start making sexy sheets

After the fabric is correctly located, we can start making sexy underwear.Sexy underwear making machines usually complete a variety of different styles of underwear, such as suspenders, shoulder straps, vests, etc.

Add design elements

Some sexy underwear requires some unique design elements, such as lace lace, embroidery pattern, bow, etc.These elements can be implemented by manually input or imported CAD files.

Add underwear accessories

During the production of sexy underwear, some underwear accessories are needed, such as steel rings, shoulder straps, and magic stickers.These accessories need to be measured and located finely to ensure that its location and size meet the requirements of underwear design.

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Complete underwear production

When all design elements and accessories are added, we can start formal underwear production.Sex underwear production machines will automatically complete the entire production process and make complete erotic underwear.

Quality inspection

After completing the production of underwear, we need to conduct some quality tests.The content of the inspection includes the flatness of the fabric, the location of the accessories and the quality, the size of the underwear, and the cutting of the fabric.If you have any problems, you need to adjust and repair.

Packaging and selling

After the production of sexy underwear is completed and passed the quality test, we can pack it and sell it.During the packaging process, you need to pay attention to protecting the quality and appearance of underwear, and put the appropriate label and after -sales service information.

in conclusion

Interest underwear production machines can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of making sexy underwear, and can design more unique styles and styles.At the same time, making machines using sexy underwear also requires certain technical and experience to ensure the quality of underwear.