Sexy underwear open crotch dew

Interest underwear is part of modern adult toys, which aims to make sex more interesting and exciting.One type is open crotch underwear. These underwear have a opening in the crotch area, making sexual behavior more convenient.In this article, we will explore different types and advantages of the different types of open crotch underwear.

1. Open crotch underwear

For those who try to open crotch underwear for the first time, underwear is a good choice.These underwear are similar to ordinary underwear, but there is a small mouth in the crotch area.This design makes sex more convenient and can maintain continuous sexy sexual activity.Some styles also have additional pockets to achieve higher control and stimulation.

2. Open crotch conjoined dress

Open crotch connecting bodywear is suitable for those who want more coverage and support.They cover the entire body and are usually made of elastic materials to provide appropriate support.The special features of these conjoined underwear are that they do not need to be completely worn off in the process of sex, and provide a faster ways to enter and exit.

3. Open crotch bra

Although they are not common, the open crotch bra is still a underwear for women.This underwear has a button that lifts the lid in the front to make the breast area barely exposed.This sexy design can stimulate sexual impulses and increase the stimulation of touch.

4. Lacop underwear

Lacop underwear is a unique sexy underwear.When you put on them, open your chest to the abdomen, leaving two sides.This makes it more convenient to enter and exit, and can perform sexual activities without completely taking off the sexy underwear.Moreover, the design of the gailer underwear allows the breasts to be fully exposed, increasing the visual stimulus of sexual behavior.

5. Open crotch underwear with ears and tails

Open crotch underwear with ears and tails is usually designed to achieve an atmosphere of a role -playing.They make you feel like a puppy or kitten, or pretend to be other cute animals.This imaginative experience is particularly charming with the interaction of erotic activities on the bed.

6. Open crotch pantyhose

Open crotch pantyhose is a perfect combination of underwear and socks.They cover the entire leg, but a short section of the crotch area is exposed.This design allows you to be wearing it and can be able to advance and retreat many times.Satin and fish net socks are the most popular and most attractive styles.

7. Beam -type open crotch underwear

The crotch is one of the long -term partners of men. This design is a combination of sexy underwear and beam crotch, providing users with the impulse to make a color of a beam -like suit and the smooth skin exposed.

8. High -waist open crotch underwear

High -waist open crotch underwear is designed for women, hoping to enhance the perfect sexy of the abdominal curve.There is a opening in its crotch area, so that no sexual behavior does not need to get rid of it.Moreover, high waist underwear is full of sexy while maintaining abdomen shaping.

9. Open crotch lace

Comparing other styles, the open crotch lace may be slightly complicated, but it provides more freedom and fun.Love -type erotic underwear is composed of multiple bands and attachments, and has a opening to facilitate sexual behavior.These lacers allow users to adjust and control at any time to get unlimited fun.

10. Open Cat Cat Woman Set

Open Cat Cat Woman Set is a well -known style, suitable for those who enjoy role -playing and games.This sexy underwear is composed of tight clothes, masks and bottom opening, making sex more interesting and exciting.

In general, open crotch underwear provides users with a more exciting sex experience.Like all the styles mentioned above, when you are looking for new excitement and stimuli, you can consider buying open crotch underwear.

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