Sexy underwear is fully transliterated

Sexy underwear is fully transliterated

What is full of sexy underwear?

The fullness of sexy underwear means that the transparency of the underwear is very high. You can clearly see the curve and lines of the body through the underwear.Generally speaking, most of this underwear style is made of thin and transparent materials. It is commonly made of lace, mesh, transparent silk and other materials.

Full of sexy underwear throughout the classification

The fullness of sexy underwear can be divided into different types according to styles and uses. The following are several common categories:

Sexual feelings fun underwear

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Sleep/Home Family Fun Underwear Completely Through

Walk show/show sexy underwear completely

Selection of transparent materials

The choice of transparent materials is the key to making sexy underwear. The common transparent materials are:

Lace: One of the classic and sexy transparent materials can produce exquisite patterns by weaving, and has the characteristics of soft and comfortable.

Silk: light, thin, good breathability, can show the body curve well.

Net yarn: fabrics with mesh texture, high transparency, light texture, can form a visual layered sense.

Way of matching

Although sexy underwear is completely sexy, it is not applicable to all figures and occasions.How to match is very critical:

Fetish Wear

With transparent raincoats, you can wear it on the pool or beach, especially in the morning or dusk. When the sun rises or falls, professional photographers have a better shooting effect.

With coats, you can add a mystery and novelty at the same time as sexy, such as a transparent long jacket, or treat it as a wedding underwear.

It is unnecessary to match tedious jewelry, because sexy underwear itself has a high visual impact.


Fun underwear is full of bold and sexy underwear. Applicable occasions need to be carefully considered. The following are several applicable occasions:

Valentine’s Day, birthday, wedding anniversary and other romantic occasions.

The blue cross and lace hood on the wedding day.

Some private parties or KTV boxes, such as specific occasions, wearing sexy underwear through these occasions can instantly enhance the atmosphere and make themselves the focus of the party.

Way of wear

The full -drooling method of sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear. You need to pay attention to the following points:

Remove the label and tag before putting it on.

Pay attention to the order of putting on, first put on the underwear and then put on the corset, so as to avoid the tulle material on the panties hook up by the hook of the corset.

Choosing the right size will cause it to make it impossible to give full play to sexy charm. If you are too large, you will lack support and package power.


The sexy underwear is transparent and transparent, and the material is weak, so special maintenance is needed:

Wash as much as possible to avoid using washing machines.

Use a neutral laundry solution and spray professional drifting agents for sterilization and disinfection.

Avoid exposure or drying. After drying, placement should be placed in ventilated and dry places for storage.

Suggestion of sexy underwear

When wearing full -time underwear, be sure to comply with the following three principles:

Simple: Don’t add unnecessary accessories too much, otherwise it will disperse the full attention of sexy underwear.

Harmony: Try to choose the combination of underwear and corsets with the same color or near the color system to avoid contradictions and conflicts in color.

With jacket: Under the appropriate case, you can match jackets with a slightly longer or similar length than sex underwear, such as silk shawl, knitted cardigan, stand -up collar trench coat, etc.

Sexy underwear full -transparent display skills

If you are willing to show your sexy charm boldly in front of your friends, the following is a few sexy underwear full -transparent display skills:

Self -confidence: The biggest display skills are self -confidence, so you must learn to appreciate yourself and feel yourself.

Walking posture: When walking, you can slightly look down and wear high heels to make your posture lighter.

Physical posture: You can use your body posture, such as playing with hair, organizing clothing, and tiptoe, making the sexy underwear more eye -catching and attractive.

The view of sexy underwear is full of transparency

Interesting underwear is completely different from ordinary underwear, which needs to be matched with appropriate occasions, uses and ways of dressing.Choosing sex underwear through all needs confidence and self -feelings about your body, and follow the principles of simplicity, harmony and coats.If you choose to wear full -faced underwear, you must pay attention to maintenance and display skills to make yourself more confident, sexy and charming.